Spray Foam Insulation : The Residential Insulation Solution

The short story on spray foam insulation is twofold – it delivers proven thermal protection (the insulating component) and it provides a superior air barrier (the sealing component).  When properly installed, this is an application that provides a seamless blanket that totally envelops   a given space, including irregular surfaces and uneven protrusions.  It has quickly become the favorite insulating product of professional contractors, and has proven its effectiveness in new construction builds, renovation projects and retrofits alike.  And it’s all with good reason. Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation – The Technical Questions

With the increasing popularity of spray foam insulation, consumers are asking more and more relevant questions about the efficacy of the product and the installation process.  In recent years, the annual growth of spray foam usage has been close to 40% – that’s a huge increment – and it means that consumers are seriously evaluating the options.  For consumers to be looking for answers translates into a much better understanding of the spray foam product as well as the installation itself.  This is especially important because of the unique nature of the spray foam product and the complexities of the spray foam application.  In the end, a better-informed consumer makes better decisions all around. Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation – Questions and Answers

Spray foam insulation is rapidly gaining popularity in every part of the country, and along with the wide popularity there is a lot of marketing and advertising.  Product manufacturers and contractors promote the product every season, and with 40% annual growth in spray foam usage, consumers have important questions to ask.  The questions are relevant, and allow the consumer to be better informed.  Understanding the spray foam product and the installation makes it easier to decide on everything BEFORE the project starts to take shape. Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation – The Most Popular in the Country!

Spray foam installations are growing in leaps and bounds across the country.  And like anything else, all of the attention brings on added scrutiny.  With product usage growing at close to 40% every year, it means that the scrutiny is necessitated – and that’s good for those in the industry and especially for consumers.  Being informed and educated is the best starting point for the consumer – it makes for better decision-making when it’s time to choose specific spray foam products, and when choosing the right insulation contractor. Continue reading