The Benefits of Blown Insulation

Blown insulation is a popular insulating product, widely used in residential applications. Usually available in two compositions (cellulose and fiberglass), the products deliver satisfactory results in the attic and roof cavity. Both compositions have comparable R-Values when installed, but the cellulose product has slightly higher R-Value. At the same time, cellulose has a tendency to settle, and this has a long-term effect on R-Value. Undoubtedly, there are upsides and downsides to each of the products – although a professional installation will assure the optimum in performance. Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation – Open Cell or Closed Cell?

With spray foam insulation, there continue to be a number of on-going debates. In fact, whether it’s a homeowner, homebuilder, or contractor, many of the debates have similar themes. Is it the right product for the job? Does it deliver good value? What’s the best approach to application? For Great Northern Insulation, many of the answers are straightforward – spray foam insulation is simply the best product for the job, and the most comprehensive installation of any product. Continue reading

Poorly Installed Insulation Can Be Dangerous

With home insulation, the right product and the right installation are absolutely fundamental for optimum performance. Hard to believe, but even contractors often fail to insulate properly, and the result is poor performance and sometimes even dangerous conditions.  On the other hand, good contractors understand products, appreciate the elements of building structure, and have experience with the dynamics of ventilation and air circulation. In other words, there’s far more to insulating than just filling a given space with product – and the results of the job will show. Continue reading

The Benefits of Insulating Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

The benefits of insulating a multi-unit residential building are basically bottom-line benefits, with residents and owners both saving money. For the most part, this is work that will require the services of a professional insulation contractor. It’s work that requires expertise with building structures, and with high performance insulation products. To ensure the best long-term results for the life of a MURB building, premium insulation products should be professionally installed. Continue reading