The Dangers and Risks of Attic Voids

Whatever the shape or size of a particular home, it’s technically a “box” – with walls, a roof, and a floor. Insulation professionals refer to it as a “building envelope” – and it essentially separates us from the elements. Importantly, it provides a defense from winter cold and summer heat. In the top most portion of the home, the attic provides unique protection from the elements. But even when insulated, “attic voids” may exist – poorly insulated/sealed or empty spaces that provide little to no protection or defense.    Continue reading

Safety Tips for Spray Foam Insulation

Many homeowners often ask which insulation is best. And while every project has different needs and priorities, one product has proven to be consistently effective across the board – spray foam insulation. From all respects, it’s the best – it does exactly what insulation should do. At the same time, this is an installation project for professional contractors. They understand the nuances of the product; they understand the intricacy of the application; and they understand how to install safely and responsibly, thus protecting themselves and their homeowners during the process. Continue reading

Insulation Materials Used in Industrial Applications

When choosing insulation products for large buildings and industrial facilities, building science specialists (as well as engineers and architects) have a broad range of options available. While these professionals may debate on approach and strategy, many agree that spray foam insulation products consistently deliver superior performance – that includes air sealing, moisture control, and thermal insulation – all in a single application. Continue reading

Insulating Old Houses for Personal Comfort and Energy Savings

Keeping old houses comfortably warm and energy efficient is tough. Older homes weren’t usually fitted with insulation. When they were, the materials often settled, lost their insulating value, and sometimes deteriorated. Today, home insulation options are abundant, with a myriad of products that are both cost-effective and energy saving – the big decision is what to do and how to do it. Continue reading