Insulation Can Lower Commercial Construction Costs

Throughout the building and construction industry, it’s not uncommon to hear from some of the professionals that Spray Foam Insulation is one of the more costly building materials. However, when architects, designers, and builders learn more about the cost/benefit relationship of SFI, it becomes apparent that commercial construction costs can actually benefit. Simply put, when the overall performance of Spray Foam Insulation is factored in, the installed cost impressive. Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Attic for Professional Insulation

Like any home improvement project, home insulation requires proper planning and preparation. And because insulation work can be involved, planning is even more relevant. Many homeowners are tempted to try a do-it-yourself approach with home insulation. And while there are savings to be had, there are more reasons to seek professional expertise than not. At the same time, doing the necessary homework will make for better homeowner decisions during the life of the project. Continue reading

Commercial Building Design – How to Insulate Creative Designs

Many commercial building owners, along with their architects/designers, are integrating unique design features into their buildings that present challenges for traditional insulation products. Many conventional insulation products on the market today are problematic: they do not adhere well to many surfaces; they often settle over the long term; and they do not fit well into unusual and awkward cavities. The bigger issue is that most of these products have to be manipulated into place – it’s more work and more finishing, and R-Values are quite often compromised. Continue reading

Getting Ready For the Hot Summer. Insulation Will Keep the Cool Air In

Most homeowners, especially in the northern climes, associate insulation with keeping the home warm and comfortable during the winter. At the same time, there’s not much focus given to home insulation that keeps things nice and cool in the summer. In fact, when it comes to residential air conditioning, there’s much to say for a home that is well sealed and well insulated.  Continue reading