Insulation will raise the value of your property more than remodeling

Renovating, remodeling, and redecorating always present a dilemma when it comes to assessing the cost vs. value. And while there are countless comparisons and statistics to support one view or another, there is always the effort to substantiate between personal comfort and real estate value, regardless of which type of home reno is involved. Clearly, every home is different and every home renovation will have its own unique impact on the physical structure. The bigger question is how to capitalize on the best return on investment. Continue reading

The science behind home insulation

For the average homeowner, insulation is all about keeping the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For some, there’s also a basic understanding that a well insulated home will translate into energy efficiency and dollar savings on natural gas and electricity. But there’s also science behind home insulation, and clear advantages in understanding how insulation works. Bottom line, it’s all about heat flow (heat transfer), and specifically the three dynamics that affect heat flow:  convection, conduction, and radiation. Continue reading

Home Insulation Can Help the Planet

Homeowners in North America often wonder if their home insulation can contribute positively to solving global warming issues and climate changes. The short answer is yes – a well insulated home will definitely use less energy to keep everyone warm in winter, and cool in summer. And by using less energy as individuals, less carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) will be released into the atmosphere because power stations will burn less fossil fuel to provide us with energy. Continue reading

Explaining the Myths of Spray Foam Insulation

Over the years, residential homeowners have become familiar with insulation products like fiberglass batt insulation – likely because of the heavy advertising and marketing every season. And although Spray Foam Insulation has become more and more popular, product knowledge and awareness just hasn’t kept pace. As it is, there are plenty of myths that surround SFI, and plenty of homeowners who are confused about the product and the benefits. Indeed, some of the myths are simply misinformation, and some need clarification. Continue reading