Why an Air Tightness Test is So Important

Whether building a new home, or installing new insulation, air tightness is key to performance. In most cases, professionals acknowledge this fact, and further recognize the importance of an air tightness test. The bigger issue, it seems, is how best to insulate a space, and pass an air tightness test without question. This is why traditional options for air sealing are being reconsidered. Continue reading

The Dangers of Having Excessive Attic Heat

It sounds somewhat counter-intuitive, but many homes, particularly those that are older than 20 years, suffer from excessive heat in the attic. In most cases, it’s an unseen problem, but could very well lead to other issues, both in summer and in winter. In summer, excessive attic heat can overheat the underside of the roof and compromises the shingles. In winter, excessive attic heat can allow for moist air to build up, and further cause ice to build up across the entire roof area. Continue reading

How to Prepare a Home for Home Energy Labeling?

For many, Home Energy Labeling will be a completely new concept. It’s starting to gain exposure, but will make much greater gains in the coming years. Energy Labeling is essentially about rating the energy efficiency of a home, for today, and for the future. It means that a current homeowner can be assured of the home’s energy rating, and a future homebuyer can be confident that certain standards have been satisfied. Old home or new, the standardization will benefit everyone. Continue reading

Bad Insulation Can Actually Make You Sick!

Bad insulation can have negative consequences on the health and wellbeing of homeowners, even without warning. But beyond health, there’s also personal comfort to consider. The thing is, a coldish, dampish indoor environment is both uncomfortable and unhealthy. In some cases, it may be that insulation was poorly installed. In other cases, existing insulation may have settled over the years, and simply become inefficient. There are also situations where insulation product was just not right for job – inefficient and with little effect. Continue reading