The Province of Ontario is Helping Homeowners to Lower Their Energy Bills

Offering incentive programs to help homeowners cut their energy bills, the Province of Ontario is encouraging energy retrofits and renovations to make homes more energy efficient. The idea is to make it more affordable for the average homeowner to make the kind of changes that will reduce seasonal energy consumption. It begins with a thorough home energy audit, and it continues with energy retrofit work that will make a home significantly more energy efficient. The good news is that cash rebates are now available for both audits and retrofits. Continue reading

Building a New House or Buying a New House? Ask the Builder if They Used the “Prescriptive Path” or the “Performance Path” to Build

Today, when it comes to energy efficiency, most national building codes prescribe two paths for compliance. And while it’s true that many project managers will typically follow the “prescriptive path”, there are many project managers who have discovered that the “performance path” is the more cost-effective of the two – and with far better long term outcomes for the building owner. Continue reading

Investing in Home Energy Improvements is Wise

Making improvements to the energy efficiency of a home does two things right off:  it makes the home much more comfortable, and it reduces energy bills from season to season right around the year. The idea is to make the improvements that make the most sense. Essentially, a house is a system, and it performs as such, based on various elements of the building envelope – like the air circulation, and the insulation performance, and the HVAC equipment. Continue reading

Energy Benchmarking – Understanding the Basics

For commercial and institutional buildings, it’s absolutely vital to understand how much energy a building uses, and how better to manage that usage. And while managing energy consumption can be a challenge for various reasons, there is much to be said for planning and implementing an Energy Benchmarking Program. Building owners and property managers can make use of energy benchmarking data to make better, more astute, decisions on overall energy consumption. Continue reading