With Spray Foam Insulation it’s important to hire a professional

Spray foam insulation has earned a reputation as the best product of its kind. It’s simply because it delivers results. When professionally installed, SFI is an effective sealant, an excellent insulator, and a practical soundproof barrier. Overall, there isn’t a comparable product that can challenge the efficacy of spray foam – which is why more and more professionals are suggesting the install. Continue reading

Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

Understanding Ontario’s CCAP

The Ontario government’s Climate Change Action Plan is a 5-year initiative aimed at effectively fighting the reality of climate change. Climate change throughout North America is affecting the environment as a whole – and not in a good way. As such, Ontario residents can make a difference by contributing to a lower-carbon economy. Indeed, Ontario is very well positioned to offer the options and opportunities that will best improve energy consumption and energy-efficiency.   Continue reading

Keep Your Cottage Comfortable All Year Long

More and more people are choosing to use their cottages right around the year. It makes sense, especially in regions where “four-season” recreational activities can contribute nicely to lifestyle options. At the same time, making use of a cottage property throughout the year means making it comfortable – and in most geographic regions, that means insulating the living space. After all, three out of four seasons will likely require additional indoor comfort. Continue reading

From Top To Bottom, Home Insulation Needs a Professional Touch

A home that isn’t energy efficient is wasting both energy and money. On the flip side, improved energy efficiency allows for reduced energy consumption and money savings on utility costs. For the average homeowner, there are countless energy upgrades and retrofits that will contribute to efficiency, savings and home comfort. Often, the dollar savings can offset the cost of upgrades. Continue reading