Building a New Home? Make Sure the Contractor Installed Proper Insulation

One of the most common questions homeowners ask when building a new home is what type of insulation to install. Then, the follow-up question is whether Spray Foam Insulation is the best product to go with. Today, many professionals are recommending SFI as the best product, with the best performance, and the best long-term benefits. In a newly constructed home, it’s an all-in-one application that seals and insulates better than any comparable product on the market.

Insulation professionals install SFI because it ensures energy-efficiency for the building envelope.  Once applied, it seals the space effectively; it provides the highest R-Value rating per inch; and it adds structural strength wherever installed. The SFI product also performs as an air barrier and vapour barrier in one, without the need to install separate barriers. With Spray Foam Insulation, even hard-to-reach spots like joints, corners and crevices are coated and sealed tight.

In a new home, SFI can be sprayed into a variety of areas throughout the building structure. And because walls and ceilings aren’t yet finished, the application process is made much easier. Highly specialized equipment is used to spread the foam as a liquid, after which it expands into place, and hardens as a dense blanket of insulation.  The finished space is airtight, impenetrable to any moisture, and insulated more effectively than any product or combination of products.

The long-term benefits of Spray Foam Insulation are as effective in any size home, including new builds, renovations, and retrofits. Best of all, one install does it all:  improving energy efficiency throughout the home; enhancing air circulation and indoor air quality; and allowing the heating and cooling system to better perform. A home insulated with SFI will have lower energy bills from one season to the next, making for noticeable annual savings on heating and cooling.

Whether it’s new construction or not, Spray Foam Insulation requires a professional touch for the best results. At Great Northern Insulation, installers are highly trained and equally experienced. GNI install teams always do it right:  meeting industry standards; working to code; and following manufacturer specifications. As a company, GNI assures complete customer satisfaction on every project, with sound warrantees on brand name products and on all of the workmanship.

For Great Northern Insulation, SFI has become the product-of-choice in many applications. But even the best product on the market requires expertise to perform at full potential. A second-rate installation will not deliver long-term performance, and will not deliver the advertised benefits. At GNI, SFI installation crews are both licensed and certified – they prepare the jobsite properly; they use the appropriate safety gear; and above all, they protect occupants and residents.

With regard to project cost, Spray Foam Insulation is considered a premium product compared to other options. However, the product attributes are outstanding, making for a project investment that is very worthwhile. Professionally installed, SFI will normally last a lifetime. The installation will not need replacement or replenishment. Importantly, the long term return-on-investment makes good economic sense, and provides a relatively short “pay-back” period.