Keep Your Cottage Comfortable All Year Long

More and more people are choosing to use their cottages right around the year. It makes sense, especially in regions where “four-season” recreational activities can contribute nicely to lifestyle options. At the same time, making use of a cottage property throughout the year means making it comfortable – and in most geographic regions, that means insulating the living space. After all, three out of four seasons will likely require additional indoor comfort.

Insulating a cottage is mainly about keeping the heated air indoors, and blocking cold air from infiltrating. But there’s more to the job than just blowing insulation into an attic. Doing it right is about sealing AND insulating, the two elements necessary to ensure comfort, energy efficiency, and insulating performance. For the professionals, doing it right from the start makes for better long-term results, and without the need re-vamp or re-work over time.

Similar to a city home, a cottage suffers from air leakage through the roof and walls. For the most part, a conventional summer cottage will suffer dramatically, because the roof and walls are just not insulated (let alone sealed). As a remedy, professional insulation contractors are suggesting spray foam products to BOTH seal AND insulate a cottage. With a single application, spray foam provides an air barrier and vapour barrier, along with superb R-Values.

For a traditional cottage, spray foam makes sense as an all-in-one application. A professional install can effectively seal and insulate everything from the roof rafters, to the walls, to the floor. Strategically applied, spray foam can also weatherproof windows and doors and prevent serious air leakage. No other product will seal a space better than spray foam – particularly when dealing with all of the gaps and cracks in a building structure (cottage or home).

For professional installers, spray foam is simply a superior product. For a cottage, the enhanced thermal protection will maximize energy efficiency. It means that less energy will be consumed, especially with winter heating, and therefore utility costs will be less. In addition, good insulation protects the plumbing pipes, the kitchen appliances, and the windows and doors. In short, the cottage will not require any annual “winterizing” until the next season.

With a spray foam approach, a number of benefits are achieved (and in a single application). The cottage is completely air-sealed. Air moisture is controlled, and prevented from gathering. And R-Value is enhanced significantly. With an expert install, spray foam insulation contributes to an indoor environment that is comfortable from season to season, right around the year. It’s another step closer to using the cottage year round, and enjoying it fully.

Spray foam will outperform and outlast other products on the market. The finished space doesn’t need topping up over the years, and doesn’t need to be replaced or replenished. But it does have to be done right – and it’s not work that should be expedited as a weekend DIY project. Spray foam should be installed professionally, and managed by experts who are experienced with both the product and the complexities of installation.