Do your heating bills leave you cold? Direct Energy has money-saving tips

Having trouble managing your energy bills?

heating_bill-300x270According to Direct Energy, Canadian homeowners are eligible to save approximately $980, equivalent to 25.9%, on their annual heating bill and qualify for up to $2,655 in rebates. All this can be accomplished in THREE EASY STEPS

1. Boost Insulation. You could save close to $307/year or 8.13% on heating bills, just by topping up attic and basement insulation. In addition, earn up to $1,250 through ecoENERGY rebates on attic and basement insulation.

Estimated Savings: $1,557

2. Upgrade equipment. A high-efficiency furnace could save you up to $565/year or 15% on heating bills, compared to the conventional one. Haven’t replaced a furnace before? Even better! Replacing a furnace for the first time could save you an additional $790, thanks to the federal ecoENERGY rebate program.

Estimated Savings: $1,355

3. Seal Leaks and Improve Air Quality. Caulk and seal leaks with weather stripping to save up to $108/year or 2.9% on heating bills. Improve air quality of the home and earn about $375 with ecoENERGY, plus an extra saving of approximately $240 through ecoENERGY rebates.

Estimated Savings: $723