Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Insulation Contractor

When it comes to home improvement projects, there are few that will actually save money for a homeowner. In fact, most projects are cosmetic and are designed to contribute to a home’s aesthetics. Home insulation, on the other hand, is different – it will significantly contribute to cost savings, both short term and long. And while many homeowners might decide to hire a general contractor (or a jack-of-all trades), the best outcome will be derived when hiring a professional insulation contractor to manage the entirety of the project.

Homeowners have the impression that hiring a general contractor for an insulation project is an advantage just because the project seems so multi-faceted. But there’s a better way. Why not go right to the source and hire a specialist from day one? Professional insulation contractors know their business – they know product and they know installation. And with a reputable company on hand, homeowners can be assured that the installers are certified and licensed in their work. In short, they’re going to do the job right the first time.

Insulation contractors don’t just show up to install insulation. They have an understanding of the dynamics of air infiltration; they usually provide appropriate ventilation where required; and they know that vapor barriers are vital to any insulation project. In other words, they are experienced with the “building science” – and their objective is to deliver peak product performance. More than that, a good contractor will work with a homeowner to select the right product for the job, and the most cost-effective approach to the installation.

There are countless types of insulation products on the market today. Each has a specific purpose, and each has advantages. For the experienced insulation contractor, the product must suit the job, and here, a basic explanation to the homeowner will set the stage for a collaborative working relationship. It’s important, for instance, to understand the differences between batt insulation, blown-in insulation, and spray foam – each product will offer different benefits and each installation will have a direct bearing on the project budget.

One aspect of home insulation that is often overlooked is the safe removal of old (and even deteriorating) insulation. This clearly requires expertise, since there may be a potential for hazard. In the event that there is asbestos or other harmful materials, it’s absolutely imperative for this to be handled by a professional. The same thing applies to mold growth – it must be managed professionally and remediated correctly from the start. This is not the time for a “band aid” solution, and certainly not the right time for a do-it-yourself effort.

Not to forget – home insulation is about conserving energy and saving money on utility bills. And in some situations, the cost savings can be dramatic. A professional contractor is expert in optimizing the home’s energy efficiency, and consequently maximizing the savings on utilities during the winter and the summer. Best of all, a reliable contractor will advise on any incentives or rebates that are available in the industry. Indeed, tax credits and cash-back promotions can make a significant impact on the overall project budget.