The Environmental Benefits of Attic Insulation

While most homeowners associate attic insulation with keeping a home warm and cutting down on utility costs, there are also environmental benefits to attic insulation. Improving or upgrading attic insulation actually means two things:  reducing the amount of energy that’s being wasted in summer and winter AND consuming less energy for heating and air conditioning. Simply put, less energy consumption means less negative environmental impact.

Poorly insulated homes allow heated air to escape in winter, and warm outside air to infiltrate in summer. As a result, the HVAC system (heating and air conditioning) works overtime, consumes energy, and emits harmful pollutants into the environment. This is considered a carbon footprint, and today, the idea for homeowners is to reduce their carbon footprint. Wasting less energy and emitting fewer pollutants makes for a more responsible carbon footprint.

attic insulation environmental benefits torontoWhen attic insulation is upgraded, homeowners generally see a reduction in utility bills almost immediately, all while contributing to environmental sustainability. When the attic is properly air sealed, and insulation performance improved, there is far less air leakage through the attic, and much better thermal protection. The HVAC system does not need to work so hard, and energy consumption is reduced noticeably. As well, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, and this helps to control the “Greenhouse Effect”.

By any measure, a well-insulated house will cut down on personal energy usage. The savings on gas and electricity will be year-round, and for many years going forward. This is particularly relevant in the attic, because there is a great deal of air leakage occurring, and therefore a great deal of wasted heat and air conditioning. New home or old, the attic is one of the most important areas of the house where insulation should be at maximum performance.

Having a completely energy efficient home is obviously the ideal, and the attic space is a perfect place to start. But while upgrading insulation is definite progress, homeowners should not forget about proper ventilation. Even the best insulation product won’t perform at peak if ventilation in the attic is substandard. In fact, poor ventilation can often lead to bigger problems – like moisture collection, undesirable condensation, and sometimes “ice damming”.

Whatever the attic insulation approach, this is work that’s best left to a professional contractor. For some, it may be tempting to get into a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, but the results are usually less than satisfactory. The experts “cover all the bases” – they professionally insulate, ventilate, and retrofit, ensuring optimum energy efficiency. Insulation experts know what product works best, and how to manage installation problems, should these arise.

At Great Northern Insulation, qualified installers focus on delivering energy efficiency, whether in the attic, basement, or throughout the home. Large home or small, GNI addresses air sealing, insulation, and ventilation as a complete system. Customers are provided with recommendations that deliver the best return-on investment. For more information, or to arrange a home energy assessment, contact Great Northern Insulation toll free at 1-800-265-1914 or visit the company website at .