Eliminating Heat Loss in a Residential Home With Spray Polyurethane Foam

Even with the best insulation product on the market, and with the most professional installation, it’s just not physically possible to completely stop heat from escaping in a residential home. But with a quality insulation product, and an expert install, a home will be substantially more energy efficient, and the results will show. For the homeowner looking to install brand new insulation, or to upgrade existing insulation, some homework is recommended. First, it’s important to assess the benefits of the overall project. Second, it’s important to know what makes for a high-quality insulation product. And third, it’s important to understand the ill effects of heat loss in the home.

Many homeowners think they understand heat loss, but believing that the attic space is properly insulated misses the fact that heat is also lost through walls, windows and floors. Here, it’s good to have an energy audit performed to identify the actual sources of heat loss. It means having a professional assessment that comprehensively checks the attic and roof; the walls and floors; and finally, the windows and doors. Clearly, some symptoms of heat loss are obvious, like drafty areas in the home, and exaggerated thermostat adjustments. But with an expert audit, actual sources of heat loss can be identified, and viable solutions can be recommended for implementation.

There are a host of benefits in having a home well insulated, especially when installing a product like Spray Polyurethane Foam. Naturally, the home will be warm and comfortable in winter, and cool and relaxing in summer. But more than that, there are considerable energy savings and cost savings – so much so that the initial cost of insulating can be paid down with the annual savings. The truth is, whether the utility savings are in natural gas, electricity, or both, a home insulation project will deliver much better short term and long-term savings than any home improvement project. And with Spray Polyurethane Foam, the overall benefits far exceed other products.

While it’s true that contractors offer a great many options for home insulation products, it’s also true that SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) is considered the best product and installation on the market. And because it’s applied in liquid form, it can expand and harden into any space, any shape and any hole. With one expert application, SPF ensures that a home is virtually seamless. It means that airflow is restricted, and moisture collection prevented – this is an ideal environment for insulation to perform at peak. It is, however, a high-premium product, and may not fit into all budgets – but the cost-benefit of SPF makes the overall project well worthwhile.

SPF is not recommended for the inexperienced. These products require special formulation and preparation, and the installation requires professional expertise. Here, a reputable contractor can offer the best options for installation, and can ensure product performance when the install is complete. Most important with Spray Polyurethane Foam is to do the job right the first time – the downsides of taking shortcuts or cutting corners are far too risky.