Don’t Let This Happen to You

SAM_0204When the time comes to choose an insulation contractor for your home, you will find that there is no shortage of companies and contractors available. Therefore, it is important for you to do your research before making your selection. There are a lot of contractors out there that will do a fabulous job of talking the talk; however, walking the walk is an entirely different story.

SAM_0203-300x224These images were recently brought to the attention of a Great Northern Insulation Sales Representative by a homeowner in London, Ontario. This homeowner had hired a local contractor to complete a retrofit job with spray foam insulation. The company that performed the installation advertised their solution as an air seal,vapour barrier that fills all cracks.


SAM_0202The images show the completed work. Note the staining left on the outside brick and the questionable installation techniques. Insulation experts know that retrofitting these walls with a cellulose drill and fill would have been the proper choice under these circumstances.



SAM_0201When choosing someone to insulate your home, do not become victim to flashy sales pitches. When you do your research, find a company with real knowledge, and the experience to back up that knowledge. Hire someone that will do the job right the first time. At GNI, we back all of our work with a Customer Promise that includes a money back warranty, a product warranty, a sustainability warranty, and a satisfaction warranty. We value your business. Let us prove it to you.