Commercial Building Design – How to Insulate Creative Designs

Many commercial building owners, along with their architects/designers, are integrating unique design features into their buildings that present challenges for traditional insulation products. Many conventional insulation products on the market today are problematic: they do not adhere well to many surfaces; they often settle over the long term; and they do not fit well into unusual and awkward cavities. The bigger issue is that most of these products have to be manipulated into place – it’s more work and more finishing, and R-Values are quite often compromised.

Creative spaces like arches, domes, and cathedral ceilings generally have little space to install or apply insulation. As well, many framing systems today have unusual shapes and curves, again making it difficult to properly insulate. These are hard to effectively air-seal and just as hard to maximize the installed R-Value. The thing is, creative building design demands insulation that is BOTH high performance AND design flexible. For architects and designers incorporating various shapes, curves and angles into their building design, insulation must be accommodating.

In an effort to solve many of these issues, architects are specifying Spray Foam Insulation to meet the challenges of building design, without limiting the potential for creativity. In fact, SFI provides more in one application than any of the other insulation options available today.

  •   exceptional energy efficiency for the building envelope
  •   controlled and comfortable environment for occupants
  •   substantial year-round dollar savings on energy costs
  •   high performance insulation with the highest R-Values
  •   effective air/moisture management season to season
  •   reduction of sound and noise, internally and externally
  •   adherence to practically any substrate and/or surface
  •   seamless air sealing for any irregular, awkward spaces
  •   application that won’t settle, shrink or slack over time
  •   enhanced structural durability in the building structure

More and more, Spray Foam Insulation has proven itself to be adaptable and versatile, providing viable solutions for builders, architects and designers. The experts at Great Northern Insulation actively support specifying SFI in commercial building design. GNI installers are highly trained professionals, with years of industry expertise. They subscribe to strict building and construction standards, and follow the manufacturer’s exacting product specifications. GNI offers third-party warrantees to ensure long-term customer confidence with both product and installation.

Hard to believe, but even today, expediting building envelope upgrades can be confusing for the seasoned building owner and/or facility manager. At Great Northern Insulation, in-house experts understand building science – they see a building as a “system” and evaluate performance with state-of-the art diagnostics. It’s a comprehensive approach that provides builders and architects with a customized analysis, and with workable solutions that satisfy specific needs. At GNI, all new installations, retrofits, and upgrades are designed to deliver sound return on investment.

Whatever the building, whatever the size, quality makes a difference. Great Northern Insulation is committed to both quality and value – and that means the right product for the job; timely project scheduling; and superior installations. At GNI, customer satisfaction is assured, with top quality products that are warrantied, and workmanship that is guaranteed.