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Air Leakage In A Home Wastes Heating And Cooling – And Costs Money

In a typical home, air leakage is simply a waste of winter heating and summer air conditioning. While most homeowners might seek a remedy by improving insulation, that’s really only part of the problem. For experienced home energy experts, resolving the actual air leakage has proven to be much more impactful than most other approaches – it’s the first step to energy efficiency. Continue reading

Why an Air Tightness Test is So Important

Whether building a new home, or installing new insulation, air tightness is key to performance. In most cases, professionals acknowledge this fact, and further recognize the importance of an air tightness test. The bigger issue, it seems, is how best to insulate a space, and pass an air tightness test without question. This is why traditional options for air sealing are being reconsidered. Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Install Spray Foam Insulation?

On one hand, the question above is an important question from a client or customer.  On the other hand, it’s almost impossible to answer right off.  Its probably one of the most frequent questions that a contractor, builder or architect receives – especially when the product and installation are so readily recommended for a project.  The answer isn’t simple, mainly because there are many variables and project scenarios. Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation : The Residential Insulation Solution

The short story on spray foam insulation is twofold – it delivers proven thermal protection (the insulating component) and it provides a superior air barrier (the sealing component).  When properly installed, this is an application that provides a seamless blanket that totally envelops   a given space, including irregular surfaces and uneven protrusions.  It has quickly become the favorite insulating product of professional contractors, and has proven its effectiveness in new construction builds, renovation projects and retrofits alike.  And it’s all with good reason. Continue reading