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Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Inc.

by Rick Bartel – Branch Manager – GNI Essex

Did you know that Elastochem specialty chemicals is the only Canadian owned & operated spray foam manufacturer?  Established in 1987 by the DiLoreto family in Brantford, ON, Elastochem prides itself on being the manufacturer of high quality polyurethane and epoxy based coatings, foams, sealants, adhesives, and primers.  With over 10 years in the residential spray foam business, Elastochem has a network of certified installers coast to coast and GNI is proud to offer their products locally to you. Continue reading

Exterior Insulation In Residential Homes

The basics of insulation dictate that heat will flow from a warm area to a cool area. In wintertime, heat will flow from the warm indoors to the cold outdoors – and that happens through exterior walls of the home. On the flipside, in summertime, outdoor heat will flow into the home. Exterior walls can actually account for 20% of heat transfer in a typical house. And if that sounds like a lot, it is – it translates into wasted energy, wasted heating and cooling, and wasted money.  Continue reading

With Spray Foam Insulation, It’s Best To Be Well Informed

With so many insulation contractors out there, and countless renovators installing spray foam, it’s sometimes difficult to separate the professionals from the impostors. Discovering bad work and substandard installation after the fact can be costly and stressful. The best thing is to avoid it all in advance by choosing installers that are knowledgeable, competent, and reputable. Continue reading

With Spray Foam Insulation it’s important to hire a professional

Spray foam insulation has earned a reputation as the best product of its kind. It’s simply because it delivers results. When professionally installed, SFI is an effective sealant, an excellent insulator, and a practical soundproof barrier. Overall, there isn’t a comparable product that can challenge the efficacy of spray foam – which is why more and more professionals are suggesting the install. Continue reading