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Building Science Behind Effective Air Barriers

Airflow throughout a building envelope can be one of the most impactful influences in a typical residential home. In winter, it can be air movement that allows warm air to escape outside. And in summer, it could be about warm air infiltrating into the home. Either way, undesirable airflow impacts winter heating and summer cooling. And when energy efficiency is lacking, the result is seasonal utility costs that start to soar. This is where effective air barriers can be the remedy. Continue reading

Upgrading Your Insulation – When Is The Right Time?

At Great Northern Insulation, homeowners often ask about the right time to upgrade insulation. Clearly, there are different answers for different circumstances, but in every case, it all starts with a comprehensive assessment of the space. For the experts at GNI, its important to advise every customer on the best approach to upgrading insulation, while recommending products that best suit the circumstances. And this is exactly where an accurate assessment can be most valuable.

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Attic Insulation Is Cost Worthy And Cost Effective

Because most attics are easy to access, homeowners find this area of the home very cost-effective to insulate. Even in an attic that is already insulated, there plenty of potential to improve and enhance overall energy efficiency. In fact, even if the only upgrade is air sealing, this will make a dramatic difference. A well-sealed attic will prevent heat loss and stop moisture accumulation. Both elements will contribute to long-term energy efficiency as well as added indoor comfort.

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Waterproofing And Insulating Exterior Basement Walls

One of the most prevalent problems in any house is a damp basement. Beyond the uncomfortable environment, damp basements can potentially lead to mold, as well as structural damages. In the majority of situations, this is work best left to the professionals – there’s a good deal of building science involved, and therefore problem-solving requires some specific expertise and experience.

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