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Insulating Outbuildings Like Sheds and Pool Houses

While not every outbuilding is going to be suitable for insulating, there are certainly benefits to a well-insulated shed, pool house, or garage. The truth is, for most outbuildings the main priority is to keep heat from escaping during winter. This could involve one or more of the following: roof insulation; wall insulation; floor insulation; air sealing; upgrade of doors and windows. Clearly, the extent of the insulation work will depend on the building use – storing pool equipment and supplies doesn’t demand the same level of indoor comfort as an a home-office set up. Continue reading

Air Sealing Larger Industrial Properties

For large buildings to be energy efficient, well maintained, and comfortable for occupants, airflow must be properly controlled. Airflow, particularly in large spaces, carries moisture throughout a space. This has various impacts on the building “envelope”, including indoor thermal energy and interior air quality. It’s therefore key to control airflow, and here, one of the principal approaches is the installation of air barriers. Professionally expedited, high performance air barrier systems will substantially reduce air leakage, thus ensuring enhanced energy efficiency (and savings). Continue reading

The Effects of Climate Change on Your Home

The debate about climate change, about the decades of recovery, and about reducing the world’s CO2 emissions is ongoing. That’s the so-called “big picture”. On a smaller scale, it’s the effects of climate change on the residential home that are more personally relevant. Here, there’s not much debate – households are affected by climate change – summer heat waves make the home less comfortable – extremely cold winters do the same – and frequent flooding exposes homeowners to both damage and injury. And as climate change advances, the symptoms will only increase. Continue reading

Ontario Government to Fund Retrofitting for Community Housing

In Ontario, the provincial government recently announced funding that the City of Toronto would use to retrofit community-housing buildings that are aging, and extremely inefficient in terms of energy consumption. While there’s always a need for more government funding, these efforts are designed to accommodate retrofitting for about fifty buildings. The funding is associated with the Green Investment Fund of Ontario and is therefore earmarked for energy-saving projects. Continue reading