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When Doing Home Renovations, It’s Wise To Think About Home Insulation

Today, many home renovations focus on the kitchen and washroom, with an emphasis on the Home renovations insulationcosmetics – things like counter tops and plumbing fixtures and fancy cabinetry. From time to time, there may be some focus on home insulation, perhaps when the basement or roof is being renovated. But overall, there isn’t enough emphasis placed on home insulation, something that can provide real value to the home, along with meaningful dollar savings season to season.

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Properly Air Sealing A Homes Provides Cost Savings

In a typical residential home, there’s not much use for a cost/benefit analysis when it comes to air sealing and insulation. Any professional will tell you that in an effort to save energy in a home, nothing will do the job better than air sealing. In fact, industry statistics show that between 25% and 30% of heating and cooling energy is wasted because of air leakage. That includes leakage through the roof and/or attic, the basement, and any other breaches in the building envelope. Continue reading

For Optimum Performance A Toronto Building Needs Exterior Insulation

In every building structure, regardless of size, heat flows naturally from an area that is warm to an area that is cooler. In winter, heat from the warm indoors will flow out to the cold outdoors. Needless to say, that happens through the exterior walls of a building. In summer, warm air from the outdoors will flow into the cooler indoor space. In a typical house, energy experts estimate that exterior walls (depending on exterior insulation) can account for some 20% of heat transfer.                       exterior insulation home renovation toronto

It’s hard to imagine what 20% heat transfer means, but bottom line, it’s wasted heating, wasted cooling, and wasted money. In years gone by, a residential home had very little, if any, insulation inside the exterior walls. There was little awareness of energy efficiency, and in most cases, attic insulation did the job of insulating the home. Not that anyone would notice, but heat loss in the winter and heat infiltration in the summer was substantial. At the time, this was not so costly.

Today, with the high cost of utilities in Toronto, and far more focus on energy efficiency, exterior insulation makes economic sense. Simply put, stopping heat transfer (heat loss) translates into less energy being used and therefore a reduction in utility bills every season. Installing exterior insulation can actually improve a home’s energy efficiency quite dramatically. And while most homeowners suffice with attic and basement insulation, insulating exterior walls can make a big difference.

Done professionally, exterior insulation can be effectively installed over an existing surface. Here, spray foam has proven to be extremely effective – a high-performance application that provides an air barrier, vapour barrier, and insulation envelope all at the same time. Using other insulation approaches will not be as effective as spray foam, mainly because of the potential for air loss and the lack of moisture control. With spray foam, total sealing of the “building structure” is assured.

Because spray foam seals and insulates simultaneously, R-Values are also maximized, allowing for better thermal performance in summer and winter. In fact, the substantial dollar savings on utilities can realistically offset the original investment of installing the exterior insulation. It may take a number of years, but the cost-benefit of insulating the exterior walls is well worthwhile. The important thing is to do it right, with seasoned installers who have experience and expertise.

With spray foam insulation, it’s not appropriate to look for price discounts or special deals. This is work for professional contractors who are trained and skilled with the product. Spray foam professionals follow the building code, install to the manufacturer specifications, and don’t take any shortcuts. Their aim is to do it right the first time, and deliver insulation performance for the long term. Anything short may well compromise overall energy efficiency of the home.

In Toronto, homeowners can count on Great Northern Insulation for quality exterior insulation. To arrange for a FREE in-home assessment, visit the company website at or call toll free 1-888-778-9591.

Spray foam insulation in Toronto is a great option for your home

Spray foam insulation is a great option for those considering an upgrade or retrofit in Toronto. In truth, there is no shortage of home insulation products on the market today. At the same time, more and more contractors are recommending spray foam insulation as a better option. Quite the unique product, spray foam offers a number of benefits and excellent long-term performance.

Industry-wide, when being compared with other insulation products, nothing performs like spray foam insulation. Consequently, it has become the “product-of-choice” in new construction, as well as retrofits. Indeed, spray foam insulation is being installed in every part of a building structure – from attics to basements, to exterior walls. Installation is both versatile and comprehensive.spray foam insulation in toronto home insulation

In short, spray foam insulation does more with a single application than any comparable product (or a combination of products). Professionally installed, a spray foam application is totally multi-purpose – the finished space is sealed airtight, the installed R-Value is higher-than-average, and the material adds structural strength to the space. Nothing comes close to this performance.

For those who understand the dynamics of a “building envelope”, spray foam does far more than simply insulate. It serves as an air barrier and vapour barrier at the same time, and prevents air from leaking and moisture from collecting. This allows the HVAC system (heating, cooling, and ventilation) to operate in much better balance, and with better overall seasonal performance.

For homeowners focused on energy efficiency, spray foam insulation is the best option by far. A good install will reverse high utility costs; balance heating and cooling cycles; and optimize the HVAC system. The results, from season to season, are measurable, and the substantial savings on seasonal utilities will quickly “pay off” the initial investment for product and installation.

Importantly, and for best results, spray foam insulation requires a professional approach. This is not the ideal DIY project – the compounds require expert handling, and the application requires a high degree of expertise. A trained installer can ensure a consistent insulating “blanket” in a given space, and a finished installation that will never need any replacement or replenishment.

The installation team at Great Northern Insulation is certified and licensed. They install only high quality product, provide superior workmanship, and ensure safety for all involved. With GNI, all products and installations are fully guaranteed, regardless of the size/scope of the job. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront, with any problems handled promptly and efficiently.

Customers are always in good hands with Great Northern Insulation. Everything is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. Installers don’t take unwarranted shortcuts. And all work is to code. Most importantly, GNI offers customers a manufacturer’s product warranty, along with a company guarantee on installation. The intention is long-term customer satisfaction.

By any definition, spray foam insulation is a premium product, and might not suit every budget. However, the experts at GNI can offer various project options to ensure the most cost-effective approach to home insulation. For more information call 1-800-265-1914 or visit the company website at .