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Supportive of All Causes

A few weeks ago I talked about blue jeans being recycled into insulation. If that surprised you, this will even more! Blue jeans aren’t the only article of clothing making they’re name known in the insulation industry. As a six-week initiative at the end of 2010, Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi held a campaign where they offered women a three euro (equivalent to $4) rebate, when they returned their used bras to locations across the country. These bras became part of an eco-friendly initiative to recycle old bras into insulated and soundproof panels for construction.The promotional advertisement for the campaign encourages users to “help save the planet.” Continue reading

How to Ditch the Fibreglass Itch!

itchy-man1Yes, it may be pretty and pink and fluffy, but from the time we were young we have been told, “Don’t touch it!” We are told this for good reason-because fibreglass insulation makes you itch. If you know that you will be coming in contact with fibreglass insulation, prevention is the most important step you can take to avoid the dreaded fibreglass itch. Here are some helpful tips for prevention and relief: Continue reading