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Insulation of the Past

For as far back as history goes, the earth has experienced four distinct seasons. Some areas have always experienced more extremes in terms of temperatures and therefore had to find ways to maintain a comfortable living environment. Insulation has been used throughout the centuries to keep heat in and cold out or vice versa. Here is some history: Continue reading

14 Ways to Use Beer Around the House

beerAt the beginning of the week we asked if your beer was green. This post is about how you can be green with your beer!

Most of us don’t usually think of beer as an earth-friendly alternative to improving our gardens and lawns or dealing with a host of pests. However, if you can bring yourself to part ways with your favourite brew, or at least invest in some of the cheap stuff, you’ll be surprised by beer’s many uses. Continue reading

Is Your Beer Green?

recycle beerThere is a lot of pressure from consumers on big companies these days to go green. So why has the environment been a big green blind spot in brewery marketing?

The Canadian beer industry is known for their model of recycling efficiency, however the vast amount of water used in the manufacturing process and large amounts of fuel required for transporting, are not to be bragged about to advocates of green living. Continue reading