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It’s Important to Insulate a Home for the Summer

Most homeowners associate home insulation with the wintertime. But in many parts of the country, summer can pose its own challenges when it comes to energy consumption, energy savings, and even home comfort. The thing is, with a super-hot summer, no homeowner wants to be running the air conditioning all the time, and racking up super-high electricity bills. A well insulated home will perform in the summer, just as it does in winter – and the results, whether short term or long term, will be noticeable in terms of energy savings. Continue reading

The Best Approaches For Insulating Basement Walls

By any measure, basements present a challenging environment for insulation. It’s no wonder – basements typically have high levels of moisture; they are completely surrounded by cool ground temperatures; and they present significant potential for air leakage. These are all challenges that must be addressed when insulating, and preferably by a professional insulation contractor. The downsides of a do-it-yourself approach can lead to poor results and the need for re-installation. Continue reading

Yes – There is a Best Way to Insulate the Attic

Easy, fast, and affordable is not always the best approach. This is especially relevant with home insulation, and specifically true about attic insulation. And while the Internet is full of insulation pros and cons, there really is a best way to insulate the attic – Spray Polyurethane Foam. There is no shortage of discussion and debate about the various insulation products available today, and as always, every brand manufacturer has the best product available, and with the best outcomes. Continue reading

Understanding Fiberglass Insulation

Unlike so many other home improvement projects, insulating the home will have a positive effect on both comfort and budget. In most northern climes, insulation has more relevance in the winter than in summer, although for many homeowners there’s an equally important role during the hot summer. In recent decades, many residential homeowners have opted for fiberglass insulation when deciding on their installation. It’s a product option that is quite affordable, with very good results, and with a satisfactory lifespan. Continue reading