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Spray Foam Insulation Has Become the Favourite of Insulation Contractors

In recent years, homebuilders, renovators, and contractors have all been recommending spray foam insulation as the “product-of-choice. Generically, it’s known as “polyurethane foam”, and as an insulator, it has quickly become the favorite of installers nationwide. Indeed, with added demand from well-informed consumers, spray foam insulation has truly become the “go to” product. And for large expanses like the roof or attic, this is an ideally suited product. Continue reading

Removing Old Insulation – A Very Good Idea – But With Care and attention.

Insulation removal may be necessary (and recommended) during a renovation or retrofit. And while it’s true that new insulation can be readily installed over existing insulation, the very best results are accomplished when the old insulation is completely removed and new insulation is installed. When removing old insulation, and especially in the attic, it’s worth doing the job right the first time – and it must be done with care and attention, without affecting the health, safety and comfort of occupants. Cutting corners to save money could be risky in the long run. Continue reading

Blown In Insulation

Blown in insulation is one of many products available on the market today. For the most part, there are two versions – cellulose and fiberglass. Both products are designed for use primarily in the attic and throughout the roof cavity. Once installed, cellulose and fiberglass have similar R-Values (per inch installed), but according to industry statistics, the cellulose blown in insulation has a slightly better R-value than the fibreglass product. On the other hand, cellulose has an inclination to settle over the long term, and this may well have an affect on R-Value. Continue reading

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Insulating the Basement

Years ago, the basement was a leftover space for the furnace and water heater; for storing suitcases; and for dumping everything we didn’t want upstairs. But today, things are different. Basement space is valuable – and finishing that space can add a substantial amount of living room to the home. At the same time, the space has to be comfortable. The big question is how to make it comfortable. Continue reading