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When Is Fibreglass Insulation The Right Choice To Make?

Still one of the more popular choices for home insulation, fibreglass insulation has proven itself effective in both new construction and reinstallations. The product is available in pre-cut batts, blankets, and loose-fill composition. And while many insulation products are competing in the marketplace today, fibreglass insulation offers specific benefits and advantages, depending on the application. What’s most important is to get professional input on both product and installation.

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Getting Quality Performance from Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Fiberglass batt insulation works in two ways to provide thermal insulation. First, air is trapped in the tiny spaces built into each batt, slowing down conductive heat movement. Second, the glass fibers reduce radiant heat loss, adding further insulation value. Important to note is that small air voids (within the fiberglass batts) will slow heat flow, while larger voids will actually do the opposite. These are dynamics that will impact the performance quality of the installation. Continue reading

The Effects of Climate Change on Your Home

The debate about climate change, about the decades of recovery, and about reducing the world’s CO2 emissions is ongoing. That’s the so-called “big picture”. On a smaller scale, it’s the effects of climate change on the residential home that are more personally relevant. Here, there’s not much debate – households are affected by climate change – summer heat waves make the home less comfortable – extremely cold winters do the same – and frequent flooding exposes homeowners to both damage and injury. And as climate change advances, the symptoms will only increase. Continue reading

When is the Best Time to Insulate the Home?

There’s much to consider when deciding on home insulation – much more than just deciding which product is best for the job. And while cost and installation are important factors, timing is a factor that many homeowners seem to overlook. Clearly, a professional insulation contractor will be available throughout the year, and will even install on short notice. But at the same time, it’s worth considering the big picture, and planning an insulation project with some foresight. Continue reading