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It’s Time to Assess if Your Home is Well Insulated and Energy Efficient

Sitting comfortably at home in a warm and cozy space doesn’t necessarily mean that the house is energy efficient. And bumping up the thermostat for extra warmth isn’t exactly wise energy use. In fact, most homes suffer from some type of inefficiency – mainly because cold air is creeping in, and warm air is escaping. Whether it’s a drafty room, or an unusually cold wall, practically every homeowner can relate to these symptoms. Many times its about poorly performing insulation, but it’s also about the many sources of air leakage found throughout the building “envelope”. Continue reading

Hydro Rates on the Increase – Time For Some Energy Savings at Home!

There’s much confusion surrounding rate increases on Hydro bills. Even with promised rebates on electricity bills in Ontario, it’s hard to tell where the typical homeowner stands. Low-density regions, high-density regions, distribution rates – whatever the general explanation, energy rates will be on the increase over the years. The best way for homeowners to address the situation is to manage home energy consumption and to make necessary improvements to energy efficiency. Continue reading

How to Go Green in 2017

Many homeowners think that when they go green it has to be complex and costly. Certainly, for those who are installing solar panels, it’s a big project. And re-installing attic insulation could be a major undertaking. But before signing up for the bigger projects, there is a lot that can be done to reduce energy and save money at the same time. The thing is, a Green Energy Plan for the home can start small and slowly gain momentum throughout the year. In fact, the little things are often overlooked just because they are so simple – but everything can contribute to energy savings. Continue reading

Has the Time Come to Re-Insulate Your Home?

As your home ages over the years, it becomes less and less effective in keeping out the cold air, and keeping in the warm air. Most homeowners can relate to this, and easily. And as the winter approaches, problem areas will surface, and it will become clear that it’s now time to re-insulate the home. The truth is, there’s much more to home energy efficiency than improving insulation – and that includes everything from air sealing, to weatherizing, to enhancing R-Values. Continue reading