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Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

Understanding Ontario’s CCAP

The Ontario government’s Climate Change Action Plan is a 5-year initiative aimed at effectively fighting the reality of climate change. Climate change throughout North America is affecting the environment as a whole – and not in a good way. As such, Ontario residents can make a difference by contributing to a lower-carbon economy. Indeed, Ontario is very well positioned to offer the options and opportunities that will best improve energy consumption and energy-efficiency.   Continue reading

The Province of Ontario is Committed to Increasing Energy Efficiency

Residential home energy audits could be mandatory.

Along with many other energy initiatives, the Province of Ontario is moving ahead with plans that require Energy Audits for properties that are listed for sale. As part of the planning, the Ministry of Energy will require real-estate agents and homeowners to ensure that a certified Energy Audit has been completed and then included in the real estate listing itself. Continue reading

The Green Investment Fund and Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

The Green Investment Fund is part of Ontario’s 5-year Climate Change Action Plan. The initiative is primarily aimed at fighting climate change, while boosting the provincial economy, as well as creating new jobs. Essentially, the province is committed to investing $325 Million in a range of projects that will set the stage for a prosperous low-carbon future. For the average homeowner, the idea is to promote and initiate reduced energy consumption. Continue reading

Certified Energy Advisors Accredited by National Resources Canada (NRCan)

Certified Energy Advisors specialize in conducting EnerGuide Home Evaluations, expedited by licensed service organizations that are accredited by NRCan. Advisors provide third party advice to homeowners interested in improving home energy efficiency, and reducing home energy use. As well, evaluations are conducted with builders who want to incorporate the EnerGuide Rating System when planning and designing new construction. Advisors ensure that homes labeled as “Energy Efficient” meet the standard requirements as defined by National Resources Canada. Continue reading