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What Homebuyers Are Looking For In An Energy-Efficient Home

It’s not uncommon today for homebuyers to have pre-conceived ideas about energy efficiency yet be completely misinformed. With all the news, and all the terminologies, it’s easy to get confused, and miss the point of what’s important and what’s not. The fact is, it’s easy to assess a house with respect to real estate price, physical size, and geographic location (let alone the fancy amenities). Beyond that, industry statistics show that for most people (80% plus), energy efficiency would be a determining factor in deciding on which property to purchase.

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Quick And Easy Energy Upgrades For Any Home

Regardless of the type of energy upgrade in a home, every piece of work will help. From draft proofing, to air sealing, to insulation, to ventilation, homeowners can benefit from upgrades that improve home comfort and boost energy efficiency. Best of all, with meaningful energy upgrades, energy usage is lessened, and the cost of utilities is reduced season to season, through the year. Continue reading

Ontario’s Climate Change Program May Change The Housing Market

The Province of Ontario may well be the first in Canada to make Home Energy Audits mandatory when properties are put up for sale. It’s all part of the overall climate change policy, and is bound to affect many Ontario homeowners. The fundamentals are basic – when a residential home is put up for sale, an Energy Auditor will have to be hired in order to assess the property and assign an Energy Rating (based on prescribed standards). The Energy Audit will also recommend various improvements, upgrades, and retrofits that can be implemented to enhance the Energy Rating. Continue reading

The ENERGY STAR® Initiative From the Government of Canada

The Government of Canada’s ENERGY STAR® initiative is designed to encourage home energy efficiency across the country. Collaborating with industry leaders, the program helps Canadians to focus on their home energy usage, and save money on energy bills from season to season. The familiar ENERGY STAR® logo already identifies various home products that are energy efficient, and in many new-built homes, the logo will identify a residence that is highly energy efficient. Continue reading