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Building Science Behind Effective Air Barriers

Airflow throughout a building envelope can be one of the most impactful influences in a typical residential home. In winter, it can be air movement that allows warm air to escape outside. And in summer, it could be about warm air infiltrating into the home. Either way, undesirable airflow impacts winter heating and summer cooling. And when energy efficiency is lacking, the result is seasonal utility costs that start to soar. This is where effective air barriers can be the remedy. Continue reading

First Time Homebuyers Are More Focused On Home Energy Efficiency

While energy issues continue to be at the forefront of federal and provincial initiatives, average homeowners are mainly interested in saving energy in order to save money. In fact, home energy efficiency is becoming more of a priority for many homebuyers, especially young couples who are buying their first home. The big picture on energy consumption relies on government programs and enterprises, but on street level, it’s homeowners doing what they can as individuals.

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What Homebuyers Are Looking For In An Energy-Efficient Home

It’s not uncommon today for homebuyers to have pre-conceived ideas about energy efficiency yet be completely misinformed. With all the news, and all the terminologies, it’s easy to get confused, and miss the point of what’s important and what’s not. The fact is, it’s easy to assess a house with respect to real estate price, physical size, and geographic location (let alone the fancy amenities). Beyond that, industry statistics show that for most people (80% plus), energy efficiency would be a determining factor in deciding on which property to purchase.

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Quick And Easy Energy Upgrades For Any Home

Regardless of the type of energy upgrade in a home, every piece of work will help. From draft proofing, to air sealing, to insulation, to ventilation, homeowners can benefit from upgrades that improve home comfort and boost energy efficiency. Best of all, with meaningful energy upgrades, energy usage is lessened, and the cost of utilities is reduced season to season, through the year. Continue reading