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10 Ways to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Suffice to say that most homeowners would genuinely like to be more energy efficient. The truth is – it’s easy to create enhanced energy efficiency in your home – it’s just a matter of ongoing commitment and discipline. For many people, an Energy Efficiency Checklist is all they really need to succeed. Bottom line, enhancing energy efficiency in your home can quickly translate into significant dollar savings throughout the year. Continue reading

When Doing Home Renovations, It’s Wise To Think About Home Insulation

Today, many home renovations focus on the kitchen and washroom, with an emphasis on the Home renovations insulationcosmetics – things like counter tops and plumbing fixtures and fancy cabinetry. From time to time, there may be some focus on home insulation, perhaps when the basement or roof is being renovated. But overall, there isn’t enough emphasis placed on home insulation, something that can provide real value to the home, along with meaningful dollar savings season to season.

Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation Can Reduce Energy Consumption

A home that is sealed and insulated with spray foam insulation can reduce energy consumption. This is true in both winter and summer, since energy efficiency is enhanced throughout the entire home. Simply put, improved energy efficiency makes for reduced energy consumption, and therefore reduced utility bills. Homeowners can save on winter heating and summer cooling. Continue reading