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Understanding Insulation Terminology Before Ordering Insulation

Understanding residential insulation is the key to making good purchasing decisions. And when a homeowner understands insulation terminology, it’s an advantage when shopping for products or discussing options. Moreover, a good understanding of how insulation works will make for a very productive working relationship with an installer who’s actually doing the work. And while its not at all necessary to get into technical jargon, it’s good to have a fundamental understanding. Continue reading

Energy Efficiency in a Typical Residential Home

Homeowners across the country are becoming more and more aware about energy consumption and energy efficiency. The main concern is about reducing utility costs, but it’s also about improving indoor comfort, and even about being conscious of the environment. For older homes, especially the ones that are poorly insulated, heating and cooling costs can be completely out of proportion. And when compared to newer homes with better insulation and better airtightness, it’s not uncommon for utility bills to be 25% higher. Continue reading

Retrofitting to Ensure Energy Savings

Home insulation is mainly about comfort – but it’s also about energy consumption and energy savings. After all, an energy efficient house will dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year. And with good insulation, those savings could be substantial enough to offset the cost of retrofitting. In fact, one of the best ways to reduce energy consumption in a home is to insulate the roof, walls and basement. For the professionals, these efforts are referred to as “building envelope retrofits”. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Home Energy Rebates in Ontario

In Ontario, home energy rebates are a win-win proposition. As a province, Ontario benefits from large-scale energy efficiencies, while capitalizing on reduced energy consumption. For the typical homeowner, energy rebates make for affordable retrofit projects and for substantial savings on utility bills throughout the year. In many cases, energy rebates are significant to the point that the original upfront project investment is made well worthwhile. Continue reading