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Spray Foam Insulation Can Reduce Energy Consumption

A home that is sealed and insulated with spray foam insulation can reduce energy consumption. This is true in both winter and summer, since energy efficiency is enhanced throughout the entire home. Simply put, improved energy efficiency makes for reduced energy consumption, and therefore reduced utility bills. Homeowners can save on winter heating and summer cooling. Continue reading

Properly Air Sealing A Homes Provides Cost Savings

In a typical residential home, there’s not much use for a cost/benefit analysis when it comes to air sealing and insulation. Any professional will tell you that in an effort to save energy in a home, nothing will do the job better than air sealing. In fact, industry statistics show that between 25% and 30% of heating and cooling energy is wasted because of air leakage. That includes leakage through the roof and/or attic, the basement, and any other breaches in the building envelope. Continue reading

66% of Canadian Energy Produced from Renewable Sources

In a study released May 2nd by the National Energy Board, it was found that two-thirds of Canadian energy is produced from renewable sources such as hydro and wind power. Of all the Canadian provinces and territories, the two largest producers of renewable energy are Ontario and Quebec, producing approximately 25 and 30 per cent of Canada’s total electricity, respectively – although they consume nearly the same amount!

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What Homebuyers Are Looking For In An Energy-Efficient Home

It’s not uncommon today for homebuyers to have pre-conceived ideas about energy efficiency yet be completely misinformed. With all the news, and all the terminologies, it’s easy to get confused, and miss the point of what’s important and what’s not. The fact is, it’s easy to assess a house with respect to real estate price, physical size, and geographic location (let alone the fancy amenities). Beyond that, industry statistics show that for most people (80% plus), energy efficiency would be a determining factor in deciding on which property to purchase.

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