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Understanding the Essentials of Basement Insulation

For most homeowners, insulating the basement is about keeping warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. But there’s more – basement insulation is also about energy efficiency for the entire house, and about energy savings from one season to the next. By any measure, insulating the basement is truly one of the better home improvement projects. Unlike other home improvements which are more cosmetic, basement insulation can deliver cost savings in the form of reduced utility bills. In other words, it’s a home improvement project that can be “paid down” over a number of years. Continue reading

The Fundamentals of Basement Insulation

Unlike years gone by, when basements were purely storage spaces, today’s basements are functional and usable living spaces. And it’s primarily the basement insulation that allows for the comfort and livability of the space. Indeed, many basements have become fully usable – as extra bedrooms; as home-based offices; even as completely self contained in-law suites. Continue reading

What is the Best Insulation for Basements?

While it’s true that there are a number of good options for insulating the basement, it’s also likely that contractors will have varying opinions. There is no shortage of insulation product on the market, and with so many product claims, choosing the best insulation for the basement can be somewhat challenging. But to be sure, working with an experienced insulation contractor will make a big difference. With a good contractor, it’s far easier to choose the right product for the job, and the right installation approach for the space. And for those who might opt for the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach, there may well be money savings, but the best project outcomes are with the professionals. Continue reading

Don’t Finish the Basement Without Properly Insulating

Traditional basements are a primary foundation in most parts of Canada and in many parts of the northern United States. Needless to say, regional climates in those parts present very cold winters and serious bouts of frost. The truth is, whether its winter or summer, basements are at the forefront of problems. Water entry is often problematic. Hot temperatures, cold temperatures, and high humidity are also problematic. And in worst case scenarios, mold can be the source of poor air quality and unhealthy living conditions. Continue reading