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The Best Approaches For Insulating Basement Walls

By any measure, basements present a challenging environment for insulation. It’s no wonder – basements typically have high levels of moisture; they are completely surrounded by cool ground temperatures; and they present significant potential for air leakage. These are all challenges that must be addressed when insulating, and preferably by a professional insulation contractor. The downsides of a do-it-yourself approach can lead to poor results and the need for re-installation. Continue reading

With Basement Insulation, it’s Important to do it Right the First Time

Basements usually account for a significant amount of heat loss, particularly when the space has been poorly insulated. It’s because basement walls are expansive, and often un-insulated above and below grade. Worse, there’s undesirable air leakage, whether it’s through basement windows or through gaps and cracks in the foundation. The good news is that there’s plenty of room for improvement. In many situations, basement insulation can be combined with general repairs and renovations, or waterproofing the outside of the home, or when finishing the basement itself. Continue reading

Different Homes Require Different Insulation

Everyone lives differently – bungalow dwellers live mainly on one floor – others may have their sleeping quarters on the second floor – and still others spend much of their time in the so-called basement “recreation room”. These are all lifestyle choices, and with them come different needs and priorities in terms of insulation. However, in every situation homeowner comfort is a priority and here, the choice of insulation will impact that comfort. Continue reading

Many Homeowners Underestimate Basement Insulation.

It used to be that basements were just “leftover” spaces. Of course, there was room allocated for the water heater and the furnace equipment, and there was plenty of space for extra storage. Today, basement space is considered too valuable to remain “leftover” and a finished basement can add substantial living space to any home. In fact, a fully finished basement could often double the living space in a home. But the space has to be comfortable from season to season – and here, the bigger question is how best to make it so. Continue reading