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When It Comes To Attic Insulation, It’s Good To Be Well Informed

With attic insulation, like any other home improvement project, it’s good for a homeowner to be well informed. Insulation products and installation methods require some basic knowledge, and will allow for better decision making during the project. And while a DIY approach (do-it-yourself) might be tempting with attic insulation, the uninitiated homeowner may cause more problems than necessary. Professional insulation contractors understand products and installations, and are positioned to deliver the best results. Continue reading

Insulating the Ceiling

On the one hand, insulating the ceiling might sound a little excessive – but in fact, there are many benefits. This is particularly true during new construction (when everything is exposed) and in retrofit projects when other insulation work is taking place. As far as the experts are concerned, insulating the ceiling is a cost-effective installation that will ensure energy efficiency in the home, and will dramatically reduce the heating and cooling bills throughout the calendar year. Continue reading

Check Your Attic Insulation Before Winter!

To say that an attic must be insulated properly is an understatement. And to think that the attic insulation is only about creating indoor comfort is equally understated. Truth is, attic insulation should be preventing heat loss from inside the home and keeping indoor temperatures controlled (whether it’s summer or winter). Yes – indoor comfort will be enhanced, but more importantly, energy efficiency will be greatly improved, and that means saving money on utilities. Continue reading

Why Attic Insulation and Ventilation are So Important

Most builders and contractors believe that attics should be vented. The better contractors go one step further, and maintain that attic insulation and attic ventilation must go together. There are a myriad of opinions (not everyone agrees) but it’s generally established that attic ventilation will benefit the home. A well-ventilated attic space will reduce moisture build-up and condensation, both of which are undesirable in the attic cavity. It will serve to lengthen the lifespan of roofing shingles. Air conditioning bills (cooling) will be reduced in the summer. And in winter, there is less chance of “ice dams” developing. Needless to say, attic ventilation is only one component. Continue reading