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Upgrading Your Insulation – When Is The Right Time?

At Great Northern Insulation, homeowners often ask about the right time to upgrade insulation. Clearly, there are different answers for different circumstances, but in every case, it all starts with a comprehensive assessment of the space. For the experts at GNI, its important to advise every customer on the best approach to upgrading insulation, while recommending products that best suit the circumstances. And this is exactly where an accurate assessment can be most valuable.

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Understanding Home Energy For Single Women Homeowners

Today, more single women are buying homes than in previous years, and are actually outpacing single men. Buying a home, as it turns out, is no longer reserved for couples. It’s a sign of personal independence; it’s a way to create equity; and it’s an opportunity to build wealth. But with that home purchase also comes a host of responsibilities for home maintenance and home repairs. For some, this may be a new frontier, but it’s all part of the landscape of homeownership.

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Attic Insulation Is Cost Worthy And Cost Effective

Because most attics are easy to access, homeowners find this area of the home very cost-effective to insulate. Even in an attic that is already insulated, there plenty of potential to improve and enhance overall energy efficiency. In fact, even if the only upgrade is air sealing, this will make a dramatic difference. A well-sealed attic will prevent heat loss and stop moisture accumulation. Both elements will contribute to long-term energy efficiency as well as added indoor comfort.

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The Right Way To Approach Attic Insulation

Because the attic is out of sight for the most part, homeowners tend to neglect that part of the house when it comes to insulation. But for insulation contractors, the attic is essential for ensuring energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and providing seasonal comfort. Utility bills are always on the rise, so homeowners are paying much more attention to home insulation, and becoming more aware of the options for conserving energy and reducing utility bills (heating and air-conditioning). Continue reading