Bill C-311 Passes Vote

The Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311) has passed a second vote in the House of Commons and will now move on to a final debate and vote, which is scheduled to be held some time in late May.

If enacted, the Bill will be the only Federal legislation to set firm targets on greenhouse gas emission reductions. Using 1990 as the base year, by 2020 greenhouses gasses would have to be reduced by 20% and 80% by 2050.

At Great Northern Insulation we are strong proponents of greenhouse emission reduction, whether it’s on voluntary basis or legislated by parliament. Last year, with the help of the ecoEnergy program Great Northern Insulation, helped to reduce over 23,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. We strongly believe that insulation retrofits alone can help make a huge difference, in attaining any reduction targets set by parliament.

Unfortunately, the Federal and Ontario’s Provincial Government have both suspended the ecoEnergy program, the only such program that was helping to reduce greenhouse gases. We hope that both levels of Government will reconsider their decision, and reinstate the program soon.

For now, homeowners that had booked their pre-retrofit audit prior to March 31, 2010 can still qualify for ecoEnergy rebates; contact us to learn how. If you hadn’t booked or completed your pre-retrofit audit prior to March 31, Great Northern Insulation can still find ways to help you save