Attic Insulation Is Worth Doing Right The First Time

In most of Canada, and much of the northern United States, weather extremes are the norm. These are regions where residential homes require heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. And because energy costs are usually rising, energy efficiency is vital in keeping utility bills down. Bottom line, energy efficiency is reliant on proper insulation. So in a space like the attic, choosing the right insulation products and installation methods is essential for success.

Attic insulation should not be about packing the attic with enough insulation to fill the space. In fact, overdoing insulation in the attic may affect ventilation in a way that disturbs air movement, and defeats the whole purpose of insulating. At the same time, any professional will assert that sealing the attic properly is essential to the insulating process. It means that all holes, gaps and cracks must be completely sealed so that the insulation barrier performs to the max.

While its true that a DIY approach to attic insulation is promoted by many home centers, the typical homeowner is actually disadvantaged – product knowledge is weak and installation expertise is lacking. On the other hand, the professionals understand the insulation product being installed, and are well acquainted with the installation techniques that will deliver the best possible results. Whatever the approach, attic insulation is best installed by an expert.

Depending on the product being installed in the attic, there may be a need to install a vapor barrier prior to insulating. This is critical for moisture control and is particularly important in a space like the attic. Here again, an experienced insulation contractor will install the right product with the proper application – it’s an approach that will ensure optimum outcomes for the long term. Indeed, hiring a professional far outweighs the savings of a DIY (do-it-yourself) job.

Choosing the right attic insulation can be a challenge. Every product on the market is advertised as the best, and every contractor in the neighborhood is the finest. The truth is, a good insulation professional will provide the homeowner with the essentials: top-quality insulation products; superior installations; superb customer service; and warrantied workmanship. Its with this type of approach that an attic insulation project is done right the first time.

Done properly, a professional attic installation ensures effective insulation, improved air circulation, and enhanced home comfort. More importantly, energy efficiency throughout the home translates into measurable savings on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. In short, attic insulation is one of those home improvement projects that provides short-term homeowner benefits and long term dollar savings – initial project costs can easily be “paid down”.

Whatever the choice of product or installation, attic insulation is best handled professionally. Large project or small, everything depends on effective sealing, proper ventilation, and appropriate insulation. And for the professional contractor, its a “system” that works in tandem, and ensures the maximum in energy efficiency. After all, saving on ever-increasing utility costs is primary.