How R-value Adds Dollar Value – Advantages of Attic Insulation

Do you have a certain hallway or room in your home, that constantly feels like there’s a cold draft running through? Like an invisible river current, always there and causing a lack of that cozy atmosphere, that you wish you could just have, everywhere in the house? Before you assume that there are any ghosts amidst and call the wrong hotline, take a look at your energy bill and see if there is anything else, that may be a bit scary.

You may not know, that the amounts you see averaging on your energy bill during each season of the year, is a far cry from the amount which you could be looking at. By making a single change, a one-time investment, that just keeps on giving back, after returning what you’ve put in, through the gradual savings on your energy bills. This is the prospect brought about, with a simple beef-up to your current levels of attic insulation!

Attic insulation can save you money if applied accordingly.

Thickening the layers of insulation in your attic can be the very effective answer you’ve been looking for, in terms of optimizing the efficiency of your home, and saving big on energy every month – this really adds up big time in a year! Imagine saving a quarter or half of the total amount you pay in energy, throughout both warm and cold seasons!

By choosing the right roofers or attic insulation specialists, you will be surprised at how quickly and comfortably, you can end up with perfectly balanced temperatures, by improving your attic insulation! Through a single assessment of your attic, a technician is able to diagnose the needed R-value, in order to restore the balance in temperature, that complies with the potential of your home, in energy savings. R-value is a medium of measurement, used in order to decipher the levels of breathability, between your attic and your living area.

R-value is the most important factor, in how attic insulation can save you money.

R-value that’s too low, will inevitably fail to store temperatures as desired and in avoiding moisture and condensation, from ending up in the wrong places, which can severely damage the attic and roof with mold/rot. Once there is an understanding of your current R-value, the additionally needed R-value, can be determined and applied. Determining R-value, plays a very important role in deciding, which type of  attic insulation can be applied and how much of it is needed exactly, in order to restore efficiency to your home and roofing system. The next step, is to choose the type of insulation, out of the range which is offered, as the best solutions by your contractor. After the application process of the attic insulation is completed, the new R-value levels are tested and determined, in order to ensure the efficiency of the overall process.

With the proper level of insulation in place, you need only use a portion of the heating and cooling energy, which was once a constant and costly, running system, for desired temperature control, throughout your home. 

Put the theory to the test!

Get your attic insulation inspected and determine your R-value levels. The truth of course, is in the pudding and the pudding of course, is your next energy bill – after the new and improved R-value of your attic!