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Spray Foam Insulation in Windsor, Ontario

Spray foam insulation is likely the best insulation product on the market.  It’s comprised of polyurethane foam, and is “sprayed” directly into a wall, under a floor, or above a ceiling.  Using special equipment designed for the installation process, the foam comes out as a liquid, and quickly turns into a dense, hard substance that remains fixed in place.  Brand manufacturers offer two kinds of spray foam: open cell foam, referred to in the industry as half-pound, and closed cell foam, referred to as two-pound.  The open cell product is a less expensive version, providing a great air barrier, but not a water vapor barrier.  The closed cell product is a much denser foam, and provides an excellent air barrier AND an excellent water vapor barrier.  For spray foam insulation in Windsor, the closed cell product is the preferred choice when a vapor barrier is required.

Across the industry, professionals agree that spray foam insulation is a superior option when compared to other insulation products and installations.  They also agree that the closed cell product is probably the best insulation, when compared to the others.  In fact, closed cell foam delivers the highest of R-values, and can provide the best long-term dollar value for the consumer.  When installed properly, spray foam insulation leaves no cavities, no openings and no holes without insulation - it means that indoor heating or cooling cannot escape.  At Great Northern Insulation, we regard spray foam as the ideal insulating product, and consider it a preferred option for new construction, general renovation, or a retrofit.  A properly installed application will improve a home’s indoor air quality, and generally improve the performance of an HVAC system.

If you’re in the market for spray foam insulation in Windsor, and in many of the surrounding communities, Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration.  You’ll find the right product for the job; the professional installation experts; and the superior customer care you expect.  Our approach to every insulation project is simple and straightforward - we believe in sealing tight and ventilating right.  Why?  Because sealing tight with insulation, but without the suitable ventilation, is just a half-job.  Our approach is to seal it tight for airflow, and create the appropriate levels of air circulation and ventilation – it’s a combined effort that delivers optimum results.  And when we’re done, energy efficiencies are improved, indoor air quality is enhanced, and home comfort is maximized.

For Great Northern Insulation, sealing and ventilating is not just a corporate slogan - it’s the way we operate.  And even though spray foam is an effective insulating product, the insulation itself is not enough.  Industry professionals are in agreement that a home needs to “breathe” and an installation from GNI does just that.  We ensure that the home is well insulated AND well ventilated, as we strive for the optimum air exchange between the outdoor air and the indoor air.  For us, this is a tried and tested formula – the insulation is superior; the air exchange is optimized; and air moisture is reduced.

When it comes to price, closed cell spray foam products are more expensive compared to other products in the market.  But this is a case where price should not be the only consideration.  These are premium products that deliver results - you essentially get what you pay for - and these products will deliver significant long-term benefits and value.  The truth is, spray foam will last a lifetime, and offers a reasonable “pay-back” period.  In addition, the energy savings on heating and cooling are substantial, and for a major project like home insulation, it’s the long-term view that makes sense.

At Great Northern Insulation, we believe in doing it right the first time.  In practice, it means having a thorough understanding of the project; choosing the products that are best suited; and engaging in an installation that supports building codes and standards.  We also think that spray foam insulation is not a weekend project for the DIY enthusiast.  Spray foam insulation should be left to the experts, and GNI installers are those experts.  Our install teams are outfitted with protective gear; they prepare the work area and surrounding areas; and they always take safety precautions to avoid any risks.  The fact is, spray foam requires expertise – these are chemical compounds that require precision mixing, specialized equipment to install, and special application techniques.

In Canada, the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association reports a 40% a year growth spurt for spray foam insulation products.  These statistics indicate the increasing popularity and acceptability of the product from coast to coast.  Clearly, it’s because of the benefits that the product delivers:  higher R-values than other products; a comprehensive insulation system that also includes air and moisture control; and energy savings that can are measurable over the long term.

Regrettably, it’s not that uncommon in the insulation industry to come across a bad installation. These are situations where the wrong product is used, the application is sub-standard, and the finished job is just inadequate.  This doesn’t happen with GNI.  Our install teams are very well trained, professionally licensed, and industry certified.  The products we sell/install are fully warrantied by the manufacturer, and our personnel are insured and covered by WSIB.  More importantly, your satisfaction as a customer is of the highest priority.

If you are currently in the market for spray foam insulation in Windsor, or in the surrounding communities, Great Northern Insulation is well worth your consideration.  You may also want to take note of the recommendations of the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association - they encourage consumers to carefully choose a service provider, if only to prevent potential problems or complications from ensuing.  The CUFCA is mandated to promote the highest level of professionalism amongst contractors, and to support the advantages and benefits of spray foam products.  But in the end, it’s really best to be an educated and informed consumer – doing the necessary research, and making the best possible decisions on both product and contractor.

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