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Spray Foam Insulation in Welland

Insulation contractors are often asked if Spray Foam Insulation is the best choice for a particular job. It’s the same question from homeowners and contractors, and in most cases, the answer is also the same: SFI is the best product on the market. When properly installed, it’s a complete “insulation system” with more benefits than any comparable installation. For homeowners deliberating about spray foam insulation in Welland, this is truly a home improvement project with better payoffs than most others.

For professionals in the business, Spray Foam Insulation (SFI) is already a favorite. They think the product is superior to others, and with better overall performance. One single application delivers excellent outcomes wherever the product is installed: roofs, attics, basements, and garages. In the average residential home, an SFI install will be much more comprehensive than any insulation product on the market. The outcomes are proven and measurable – and it applies to both the short term and long term.

  • Spray Foam Insulation is an excellent sealer – it makes for a completely airtight space
  • the finished SFI installation results in higher R-Values than any of the other products
  • a professional install very effectively blocks air movement – essentially, an air barrier
  • SFI also effectively counters moisture from building up – essentially, a vapor barrier
  • depending on location (walls, floors, ceilings) SFI adds structural strength to the space

For a professional insulation contractor, having an airtight environment is absolutely essential to insulation performance, regardless of the product that’s installed. With airtightness, the results will be immediately noticeable:  energy efficiency - improved; HVAC operation - enhanced; heating and cooling - better balanced. And without doubt, these efficiencies have a positive impact on any size building. Best of all, the cumulative annual energy savings will make for an insulation project that is cost-worthy.

Spray foam is often referred to as Spray Polyurethane Foam. Years ago, it was used in industrial applications and was ideal for insulating freezers, coolers, and cold-storage rooms. Today, the product has been much improved, and SPF has become the superb insulation product being installed in residential and commercial buildings.  In residential homes, SPF is a favorite in attics, roofs, and basements – these are areas where both sealing and insulating is crucial. And here, nothing seals and insulates like SPF.

By any measure, Spray Foam Insulation requires expertise and experience. The foam compounds require careful handling; the workspace requires special preparation; and the installation can get involved. Even the equipment requires skill – the foam is sprayed from a nozzle system; it spreads out and expands; and it hardens quickly into place. For the professional, the idea is to create an insulating “envelope” - consistent and uniform coverage that will completely seal and insulate the installed space.

Professional installers favor SFI because it stops both air movement and moisture buildup. Basically, a space insulated with SFI effectively blocks both airflow and moisture - there is virtually no chance for air leakage and no chance for “heat loss”. Also, with SFI there is no need to install a vapor barrier - the completed install has become an impermeable “envelope” that will do it all - air barrier, vapor barrier, and thermal insulation all in one. This type of installation is both cost effective and results oriented.

For the most part, any building can benefit from a spray foam install. Energy efficiency is much improved; heat and cool cycles are better balanced; and HVAC performance is increased. With all of this, there are also significant energy savings. In fact, with a comprehensive approach, annual dollar savings can be substantial throughout the calendar year (all depending on the size and scope of the project). For many, the savings on electricity and natural gas can offset the original project cost investment.

For homeowners deliberating spray foam insulation in Welland, it’s good sense to do it right the first time. It’s also good sense to work with a professional insulation contractor. They follow the building code; they abide by pertinent by-laws; and they don’t take unnecessary shortcuts. More importantly, a professional will install product based on manufacturer specifications – it’s an approach that ensures best possible outcomes for product performance and best results from the installation performed.

Professional installations also include a guarantee. As an example, the team at Great Northern Insulation guarantees products and installations. GNI crews are specialists with Spray Foam Insulation. They are highly trained, certified, and licensed. They prepare the workspace professionally; they wear personal protective equipment; and they make sure to safeguard occupants. GNI installations are well planned, well executed, and always focused on providing customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

A project that includes Spray Foam Insulation undoubtedly requires professional oversight. The materials need special handling; the application can be challenging; and there may well be a need for troubleshooting. This is not the time or place for a DIY approach – this is work best left to the professionals. A do-it-yourself approach may pose risks for the inexperienced, and a poorly executed installation might well need a rework.  Clearly, removing, repairing, and reinstalling SFI could get expensive.

SFI has become a “go to” product for many professionals, and in many parts of the country. It’s frequently being installed in new builds, reno projects and retrofits.  And its popularity has grown exponentially in the residential homes sector as well as the commercial building sector.  In all applications, spray foam delivers superb results in such as spaces as the attic, roof, and basement. Indeed, other insulation products have a difficult time measuring up with the benefits and advantages.

Across the board, SFI is considered to be a premium, high value insulation product. It therefore may not be suitable for everyone’s budget. However, the long-term paybacks are notable:  it’s an installation that will last a lifetime, and will not need replacement or replenishment over the years. And in terms of initial project cost, an SFI installation will have a reasonable payback period of 2 to 7 years – it’s a payback period that makes for an original investment that is quite cost-worthy.

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