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Spray Foam Insulation in St. Thomas

For insulation professionals in North America, spray foam insulation has become the preferred product when compared to others.  Generically, it’s known as polyurethane foam, and is simply regarded as an all-round better product.  Spray foam insulation does a better job of sealing; it brings a better R-value than other products; and it adds structural strength to an area when applied.  The professionals at Great Northern Insulation recommend spray foam insulation for one main reason:  there is no better product or combination of products that compares.

Throughout the industry, there is agreement about spray foam.  When it’s compared with other insulation products on the market, spray foam always comes out on top.  So if you’re shopping for insulation, and if you’re thinking about spray foam insulation in St. Thomas, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  GNI is a well-established, reliable contractor with a very straightforward approach to installation: we seal it tight and ventilate it right.  This combination of sealing tight and ventilating right is how we execute a comprehensive job.

We hear a common question from building contractors and private homeowners alike - they all ask whether spray foam insulation is the right product for them.  And invariably, we have the same answer each time.  Our contention is that spray foam insulation, when its part of an overall insulation “system”, is the very best approach when compared with others.  The results confirm the efficacy of the product, and a number of challenges are resolved:  overly high heating/cooling costs; imbalances in heating/cooling cycles; and under-performing HVAC unit.

For the professionals in the business, spray foam insulation has become their ultimate product.  It’s an ideal insulator for large expanses like the attic, roof, and inside the walls.  And coverage is total and complete:  the spray foam product is sprayed out as a thick liquid, using a special nozzle attachment; it quickly expands and hardens into an insulation layer that is dense and impervious; and when complete, an entire area is covered totally, including all hard-to-reach spaces.  Most importantly, the application is impervious to air and moisture movement.

When properly installed, a spray foam application eliminates the need for the installation of a separate vapor barrier.  It’s because the dense insulation layer itself behaves as a vapor barrier.  But there are other benefits to the application:  overall energy efficiency is improved; indoor air quality is enhanced because air circulation has been optimized; and the HVAC equipment can now operate at its full potential.  With the building “breathing” properly, and the “system” working in balance, lower utility bills are just an added bonus from one season to the next.

When it comes to installation, Great Northern Insulation is one of the leading contractors in the St. Thomas area.  Our installers are highly trained experts; they are proficient in their area of expertise; and they have many years of project experience.  Our installers follow the required construction and building codes, they obey local by-laws, and they install everything according to manufacturer’s specifications.  You can also count on GNI to stand behind everything that is installed (and provide the manufacturer’s warranty).  

When we work on a project, we do it right, the first time.  And we use this approach on every job, regardless of the size or scope.  We make sure to understand the job, and the inherent challenges.  We only recommend the product that best suits the job.  And in most cases, we will discourage customers from turning a spray foam project into a do-it-yourself job.  Applying spray foam insulation is really a job for the experts – for those who understand the uniqueness of the product and the specialty of the installation.

During the 1960s, when the spray foam product was in development, it was used mainly in industrial applications.  It was an excellent insulator, and used extensively to insulate freezers and coolers.  Over many decades, the product underwent improvement and has become the exceptional insulation product that we use today.  Professionals throughout the industry agree that spray foam insulation is the ultimate product, especially when dealing with large cavities such as attics and roofs.  It seals and insulates like no other product on the market.

At Great Northern Insulation, we recommend spray foam insulation in new home construction, in retrofitting projects, and in renovation work (residential and commercial).  But we always insist on a proper installation – there is no product on the market that will perform to potential if not installed properly.  That’s why our installers are experts in their field.  They are licensed and certified.  They prepare every project area appropriately.  They always make use of proper safety equipment and protective gear.  And they safeguard occupants during an installation.

According to statistics, the popularity of the spray foam product has grown at about 40% a year in the last decade.  It has become universally popular because it has proven itself in so many applications, and with so many product benefits.  Heating and cooling costs are significantly reduced; R-values are enhanced in every area where installed; and resistance to air/moisture movement allows for better air circulation throughout.  In addition, GNI has found that homes with spray foam insulation installed often bring higher resale prices than homes without.

With regard to product cost, spray foam insulation is more costly than some other insulation products on the market.  But the “cost-benefit” calculation definitely makes the initial outlay well worth it.  We know that we usually get what we pay for, and with spray foam insulation this is very true.  It’s a premium product; it will last for a lifetime; it doesn’t need replacement or topping up; and it delivers a “pay-back” period from 2 to 7 years.  As well, the cost savings on seasonal energy consumption also contribute to amortizing the initial upfront cost.

If you are shopping for spray foam insulation in St. Thomas, Ontario, or in the neighboring communities, Great Northern Insulation would be worth considering as a contractor.  When you decide to become our customer, you’ll quickly see that we do the job right, the first time.

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