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Spray Foam Insulation in St. Catharines

For many insulation contractors, the most common question is whether spray foam insulation is right for the job. The question comes from homeowners, homebuilders, and contractors – and for the most part, the answer is the same to all. Bottom line, spray foam insulation is the best product on the market. It creates a complete insulation “system” that achieves more than any other product. For those thinking about installing spray foam insulation in St. Catharines, it’s an installation that will deliver major benefits for years to come.

Throughout the insulation industry, most experts agree that when compared one-on-one, spray foam always emerges as a superior product.  For many professionals, spray foam has slowly become their “go to” option for projects large and small. Sometimes referred to as Spray Polyurethane Foam, this is an application with countless benefits in one installation. A professional install will deliver superb insulating performance in the roof, the attic, the basement, and even in an attached garage. Wherever installed, the benefits are notable:

  • spray foam is the ultimate sealer, creating a space that is totally airtight
  • R-Values per installed inch are substantially higher than other products
  • post-installation, unwanted air movement is very effectively curtailed
  • with a good install, unwanted moisture is prevented from building up
  • depending on location, spray foam insulation adds structural strength

While the key to peak insulation performance is an airtight environment, the longer-term outcomes with spray foam are considerable. In short, energy efficiency is enhanced throughout the building. This means that the HVAC system will operate more efficiently; seasonal heating and cooling cycles will be much better balanced; and ongoing heating and cooling costs will be reduced. Overall, these benefits will have an impact on the building – whether it’s a residential home, a commercial office building, or a large production facility.

When first developed in the 60s, the spray foam compound was used in industrial applications.  It was very effective in insulating freezers, coolers, and cold-storage spaces. With significant product improvements over many years, spray foam has become the superb insulating product in use today. It is ideal for those large and expansive areas like the attic and roof because it covers so well, while it seals and insulates. Even the smallest cracks and crevices are sealed, including all of those awkward spaces found in roofs and attics.

As an installation, spray foam requires extensive product knowledge and application experience. These are chemical compounds that require special handling and special worksite preparation. The foam is basically sprayed from a nozzle system, and materializes as a thick liquid. The liquid foam quickly expands and just as quickly hardens into place.  For the installer, the aim is to create a consistent, perfectly uniform, layer of insulation. The final installation will become an insulation blanket that has covered everything in sight.

One of the main features of a spray foam application is its impermeable surface. This blanket of insulation is completely impervious to air and moisture. And when installed professionally, the coverage is total - every hole, crack, and crevice is sealed. It means that there is virtually NO air leakage, which serves to limit the potential for what experts call “heat loss”. Importantly, a spray foam application eliminates the need for a freestanding vapor barrier – it’s because the blanketed space is both an air barrier and moisture barrier.

Beyond other applications, a typical home can benefit greatly from a spray foam install. Most importantly, for any size home, improved energy efficiency will have a big impact. Indoor air circulation and air quality will be noticeably enhanced. HVAC equipment will perform better. And seasonal heating and cooling will be more effective throughout the home. Best of all, overall energy consumption will be reduced, which means that utility bills will be significantly lessened, with cost savings on natural gas, as well as hydro electricity.    

For those considering spray foam insulation in St. Catharines, it’s imperative to have the job done right the first time. It’s therefore important to contract installers who are experts, and who have relevant experience with both product and installation. Good contractors follow conventional building standards; abide by the construction code; and obey by-laws where applicable. Without taking shortcuts, reliable contractors install according to manufacturer specifications – it’s the best way to ensure optimum insulation performance.

For the average homeowner, a home insulation project should also be warrantied. Companies like Great Northern Insulation stand behind their products and their installations. Projects come with a manufacturer’s product warrantee, and a company assurance on the work performed. GNI installers are highly trained, licensed and certified. Project crews properly prepare the worksite; they use appropriate protective gear; and most importantly, they make certain that any residents and/or occupants are safe during installation.

Spray foam insulation requires professional expertise. The products are complex, and the installations are demanding. And because every project is unique and different, it’s important to understand the challenges of each project. That means recommending insulation products that will address the issues and deliver results. To be sure, spray foam is not the ideal project for the DIY enthusiast. This is work best left to the experts – the potential risks and dangers are not well suited for the uninitiated – it’s better not to engage in a DIY job.

Spray foam insulation is quickly becoming the “go to” product for many professionals in the business. Large project or small, it’s an ideal application for new construction, renovations, and retrofitting.  In fact, usage has grown by some 40% a year just in the past decade. It shows how effective the product and installation have proven to be. In residential home installations, spray foam delivers exceptional results in attic cavities, inside walls, and even under basement floors. It is truly the ultimate home insulation product.

Spray foam is a premium insulation product, and may not suit every project budget. However, a spray foam install will last a lifetime. It will not need replenishment, nor will it need replacement. And best of all, it offers a reasonable “pay-back” period of between 2 and 7 years – it’s a worthwhile project investment.

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