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Spray Foam Insulation in Niagara Falls

Today, a typical question for an insulation contractor is whether spray foam insulation is the right choice. Both homeowners and contractors pose the same question, and in general, the answer ends up the same:  overall, insulating with spray foam is the best. A good installation will provide an “insulation system” that is complete, with more benefits than any other product option. For the average homeowner who might be considering spray foam insulation in Niagara Falls, this is a home improvement project with a lot of benefits.

For industry professionals, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is already a favorite, especially for a residential home. This is an insulation that’s considered superior to others, and with better performance. For all types of insulation projects, SPF delivers numerous benefits with a single application. High performance results can be achieved in walls, attics, roofs, and garages. And in a typical home, an SPF installation will deliver benefits that are far more comprehensive than any of the other insulation products on the market.

  • Spray Polyurethane Foam seals completely – the entirety of a space is airtight
  • professionally installed, the finished R-Values are higher than other products
  • an SPF application effectively obstructs any air movement (it’s an air barrier)
  • SPF effectively counteracts the build-up of moisture (it acts as a vapor barrier)
  • depending on where the SPF is applied, it adds structural strength to a space

For any insulation project, airtightness is integral to the performance of an insulation product. Airtightness contributes to the overall “insulation system” with results that are measurable:  enhanced energy efficiency; better performance of the HVAC system; heating and cooling cycles that are balanced; and reduced costs on heating and cooling. Clearly, these will impact a building structure positively, regardless of building size. Best of all, the cumulative dollar savings from season to season make the insulation project cost-worthy.

Spray Polyurethane Foam was first used in industrial applications as an insulator. It was excellent for cold-storage rooms, as well as coolers and freezers. Today, after many years of product advancements, SPF has emerged as the home insulation product preferred by so many professionals.  It has quickly become the favorite installation for spaces like the attic and roof, where sealing and insulating is a vital combination. In these types of spaces, no product will seal like spray foam - even the smallest holes and cracks are sealed.

When it comes to installations, Spray Polyurethane Foam absolutely requires experience and expertise. The compounds require special handling, and the onsite preparation requires product knowledge. In addition, the installation can be quite involved - the compounds are sprayed out using a nozzle system, at which time the foam expands and hardens into place. For an experienced installer, the aim is to ensure an insulation “blanket” that is consistent and uniform – a “blanket” that completely covers and seals the entire space.

One of the more important features of SPF is its ability to stop air movement and prevent moisture buildup. Basically, the finished space is impervious to airflow and moisture. And when professionally installed, SPF coverage is complete and comprehensive - the entirety of a space is coated and sealed – with no potential for air leakage and no potential for “heat loss”. Moreover, there’s no need to install a separate vapor barrier. In fact, the finished  “insulation blanket” has essentially become a combination air and vapor barrier in one.

For the most part, a building structure will benefit with a spray foam application. Energy efficiencies will improve; HVAC equipment will operate more efficiently; and there will be noticeable improvement to the air circulation and air quality. As well, because heating and cooling is better balanced, overall energy usage will be lessened. All of it makes for big dollar savings on gas and electricity. In terms of the big picture, annual savings could be very considerable, depending on the extent of the insulation project, and the scope of work.

For homeowners who might be considering spray foam insulation in Niagara Falls, it’s always preferable to get the job done right from day one. Hence, it would preferable to work with a professional with experience and expertise. Good contractors do the job right:  they follow the construction codes and building standards; they obey the local by-laws; and they don’t take installation shortcuts. Reputable contractors also install according to the manufacturer’s specifications – it’s a professional approach that ensures better outcomes.

For a homeowner, a professional approach to home insulation will include a warranty. At Great Northern Insulation (GNI), customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the products that are installed and the installation work preformed. GNI crews are all well trained, certified, and licensed. And as specialists with SPF, they do the job right: preparing the jobsite properly; always using personal protective equipment; and assuring the health and safety of any occupants. The installation process is well organized and safety is at the forefront.

With Spray Polyurethane Foam, installation requires professional supervision. SPF compounds need special handling and the installation itself could get challenging. In this regard, a DIY approach should be avoided - this is work for professional installers, and particularly if there is any troubleshooting to manage during the project. In fact, undertaking a DIY approach may pose risks that go beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner. Worst case, a bad installation could result in quite costly removal, repair and reinstallation.

In recent years, spray foam has become a favorite installation for many professionals - it’s the ultimate for new builds, renovations and retrofit projects.  Usage has grown exponentially in both home and commercial applications, and the effectiveness of the product has proven itself with results. For residential homes, SPF is an excellent option for the attic, roof, or basement, with results that far exceed other insulation products. However, Spray Polyurethane Foam is a premium, high value application and may not fit with every project budget. On the other hand, SPF is the ultimate insulation product:  it lasts for a lifetime and doesn’t need any replacing or replenishing. As for the project investment, Spray Polyurethane Foam offers a payback period between 2 and 7 years – a payback that makes the overall project well worthwhile.

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