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Spray Foam Insulation in Leamington

The short story about spray foam insulation is simply about product advantages.  More and more, insulation professionals are regarding spray foam as the best product on the market.  It is also referred to generically as polyurethane foam, and is quite simply a much better insulation product when compared to the others.  Spray foam insulation does a more comprehensive job of sealing; it provides better R-value than other products; and it also contributes to structural strength in areas where it’s applied.  At Great Northern Insulation, we regularly recommend spray foam because we believe there is no better product on the market.

Throughout the industry, the data is clear - when spray foam insulation is compared with other insulation products, nothing comes close in terms of the product benefits.  If you are currently shopping around for an insulation product, and if you are considering spray foam insulation in Leamington, it’s the right time to consider Great Northern Insulation as your contractor.  We are known throughout the region for our quality work and our reliability, offering customers a straightforward approach - we seal everything tight, and we ventilate everything right.  For the team at GNI, sealing and ventilating is how we expedite a complete job.

In our business, we consistently hear the same question from new homebuilders, contractors, and residential homeowners.  They basically want to know if spray foam insulation is really necessary, and if it’s the right product for them.  Typically, our answer is the same.  We believe that spray foam insulation is the best overall product when it’s part of an “insulation system”.  And with a proper installation, some very important issues are addressed and resolved:  overly high heating and cooling costs are abated; heating and cooling cycles are put back into balance; and the general performance of HVAC equipment is optimized.

For professional installers in today’s marketplace, spray foam insulation has become a product of choice.  This is the ideal application for large, expansive spaces like attics, roofs, and inside walls.  Using specialized equipment for the application, the spray foam shoots out of a nozzle, and initially spreads out in a thick liquid form.  As the compound sprays out, it quickly expands and fills a given area, and then hardens into a dense layer of insulation that is impervious to air and moisture.  The beauty of spray foam is that it covers an area fully and completely, including every little crack and crevice, as well as hard-to-reach areas.

An important feature of spray foam insulation, and one that the professionals appreciate, is that an independent vapor barrier is no longer required.  It’s because the spray foam application, when hard and dry, is impervious to moisture.  It means that there is absolutely no need for a separate moisture barrier, and that saves time and money.  But there’s more to the finished application: overall energy efficiency is enhanced; indoor air quality and indoor air circulation are both improved; and in general, HVAC equipment operates at its optimum potential.  The fact is, when a building “breathes”, everything is well balanced and operating efficiently.

When it comes to installation, Great Northern Insulation leads the way with spray foam.  We employ installation teams who are highly trained and proficient with the spray foam product and the installation protocol.  We follow industry guidelines for installing spray foam; we abide by applicable building and construction codes; and we respect local and regional by-laws.  We install everything based on the manufacturer’s product specifications, and we stand behind our work and our products.  For everything we sell and install, we provide our customers with the appropriate warranty to ensure additional confidence.

At Great Northern Insulation we have a straightforward methodology – we do it right the first time.  It’s a methodology that applies to every job we do.  We get a thorough understanding of each job, and of the unique challenges that are present.  We always assess the situation fully and recommend a product that suits the job – we want to be sure product and installation both match the need.  We know our business well, so we will routinely dissuade customers from making spray foam installation into a weekend DIY project.  Because of the complexities, this is work for the experts – for those who understand the uniqueness of product and installation.

During the 60s, when spray foam insulation was in its developmental stages, it was used almost exclusively for industrial purposes.  It had proven itself as a superb insulator, and was widely used to insulate freezers, coolers, and even cold rooms.  Over many years, the product was improved and perfected, becoming the exceptional spray foam product that is so popular today.  Throughout the industry, professionals agree that spray foam is the ultimate product for insulating large spaces like attics and roofs.  A proper application will seal, insulate, and cover a given area like no other product on the market.

At Great Northern Insulation, we would recommend spray foam insulation for a new home, for a retrofitting project, or during a renovation.  Residential or commercial, the benefits are highly recognized.  We also recommend and insist on proper installation.  There is no product that will perform to its potential if the installation is not performed at the highest level.  That’s why our installers are the very best in the industry – they are trained, licensed and certified.  They know how to prepare a work area; they always use protective equipment and safety gear; and they make sure to safeguard occupants while an installation is in the works.

Spray foam insulation has grown in popularity over the last decade.  Growth has been around 40% annually, and it’s mainly because the product has proven itself.  In fact, homes with spray foam insulation are known to bring higher resale prices than without.  With respect to cost, the spray foam product is a more expensive product when compared to the others.  But the cost-benefit comparison makes the cost worthwhile – the application lasts a lifetime; it doesn’t need replacement; and it has a “pay-back” period of between 2 and 7 years.  Above all, the energy savings from season to season are significant and meaningful.

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