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Spray Foam Insulation in LaSalle

Spray foam insulation (often referred to as Spray Polyurethane Foam) continues to grow in popularity right across the country.  For the consumer, the results are excellent, and for industry professionals, the product delivers maximum performance.  And when spray foam insulation is compared with other products, nothing comes close to the overall benefits.  For those homeowners considering spray foam insulation in LaSalle, Great Northern Insulation can provide the professional expertise, whether the project is large or small.

Great Northern Insulation specialises in spray foam insulation.  The install teams are experienced with both product and installation, and GNI is well known for quality products and a professional approach. When a spray foam project is complete, there’s no other product or combination of products that can compare with the results. It’s no wonder that insulation professionals across the country consider spray foam insulation to be their “product-of-choice” – and an ideal product option for attics, roofs, basements and garages.

Spray foam insulation is highly recommended by homebuilders, construction companies, and independent contractors. It has become popular in practically every aspect of construction – from new construction, to retrofitting, to renovations. It has also become a favorite at GNI – a product and installation that has proven itself effective, with excellent results, and superior benefits, both short and long term. Best of all, spray foam does more with one single application than any other comparable product on the market.

Spray foam insulation is a favored product because it’s truly multi-purpose. It seals a space better than any other product; it provides higher R-Values than other products; and it actually provides structural strength to the installation area. It’s also an ideal application for expansive areas like roofs and attics, and ideal for inside wall cavities.  Indeed, a good installation will envelop a space more completely and thoroughly than any other application – the entire space will be sealed tight, including every little hole, crack and crevice.

For homeowners thinking about spray foam insulation in LaSalle, the project investment is worthwhile. To begin with, spray foam delivers the highest R-Value, allowing for indoor energy efficiency to be maximized. The application provides an air barrier and vapor barrier that prevents both air movement and moisture collection. And with proper ventilation, a spray foam application allows the HVAC equipment to perform at peak – with improved air circulation throughout the home (as well as improved air quality).

For the team at Great Northern Insulation, a professional installation is implicit. The install team handles the spray foam compounds with care, and uses specialized application equipment during the installation.  This is a process that requires both experience and expertise. The foam compound is sprayed throughout a given space, where it expands and then quickly hardens into a dense insulation blanket. GNI teams must operate with precision and proficiency to ensure uniformity of application so that the final product delivers results.

Many homeowners insulate in order to address specific issues – issues like high heating/cooling bills; poor heating/cooling cycles; and HVAC equipment operating at poor efficiency.  With spray foam, all of these issues are addressed and resolved. And where specific challenges exist during an installation, the GNI team is experienced enough to manage and overcome those challenges. There’s no alternative to professionalism - a good install will assure the homeowner of optimum product performance for years to come.

With spray foam insulation, a good install relies on good installers. At Great Northern Insulation, installers are certified and licensed. They understand how to properly prepare the work site. They work with the right safety gear. And they ensure a safe environment for residents and occupants.  For GNI, the aim is to deliver a high level of workmanship, and with the assurance that installed products will perform as advertised. Most importantly, the aim is to guarantee complete satisfaction for every customer served.

For customers thinking about spray foam insulation in LaSalle, Great Northern Insulation can do it all. GNI installers do not take unnecessary shortcuts. Everything is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s product specifications.  And the building code is always followed.  GNI provides a manufacturer’s warranty on installed products, and a company guarantee on workmanship.  Whatever the job size, the commitment to the customer is the same - to deliver 100% satisfaction on every project.

While GNI endorses spray foam insulation, the DIY approach with spray foam is highly discouraged. For the uninitiated, this project is risky, and with the possibility of calling in an expert to address problems.  This is a specialized project requiring expertise with both product and installation.  The equipment requires skill; the chemical compounds require special handling; and the installation itself requires proficiency. In short, this is a home improvement project that is best left in the hands of professionals. 

All things considered, a spray foam project is costly. It’s a premium product, with superior performance, but may not be suitable for all project budgets. At the same time, installing spray foam is a wise investment, with short term and long-term paybacks that will far outweigh the original cost. A professional installation will last the homeowner a lifetime.  There is never a need to replace or even replenish.  As for dollar value, the original investment should be paid down between 2 and 7 years, based on the seasonal energy savings.

For many homeowners, spray foam insulation will make good economic sense. And for customers shopping for spray foam insulation in LaSalle, Great Northern Insulation can provide the service. GNI has been in business for over 35 years, with an established reputation as Canada's largest insulation contractor.  For the professionals at GNI, the approach is simple – supplying and installing top quality products, along with the highest quality of workmanship. It makes for a job that ‘s done right the first time.

Clearly, GNI believes in the professional approach – after all, insulation is a major undertaking and a home improvement project with a significant budget. This is a project that should be managed professionally from day one, and for Great Northern Insulation, there’s really no other approach.

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