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Spray Foam Insulation in Haldimand County

With home insulation, a common question from homeowners is whether Spray Foam Insulation is the best product option. If you ask a professional contractor, the answer would be YES - Spray Foam Insulation is the best option overall. In fact, with an expert installation, SFI will provide a complete, comprehensive insulation “system” with more benefits than any other product. For homeowners contemplating spray foam insulation in Haldimand County, this is a home improvement project with both short term and long-term payoffs.

For professional insulation contractors, Spray Foam Insulation is highly preferred for an average residential home. This product is considered superior to others, and one that delivers better performance. With a single application, SFI delivers noticeable results wherever installed:  attic spaces; roof cavities, interior/exterior walls; even attached garages. With SFI, the results are much more comprehensive than with any comparable product. It has become a favorite for professionals, and highly recommended, regardless of project size.

  • SFI is the ultimate sealer - the finished space becomes totally airtight
  • installing SFI will make for higher R-Values than any other product
  • the SFI application creates an air barrier that totally blocks airflow
  • in parallel, SFI creates a vapor barrier that stops moisture build up
  • SFI also adds structural integrity to the framing, walls, and ceilings

When it comes to airtightness, professional installers consider this to be critical for insulation to perform. Spray Foam Insulation ensures airtightness wherever installed - it enhances energy efficiency; it improves the performance of the HVAC system; and it balances heating and cooling cycles. The best outcome with an SFI application is the cumulative energy savings from one season to the next. The savings on electricity and natural gas can often offset the overall project cost, making this home improvement very worthwhile.

Spray foam is sometimes referred to as Spray Polyurethane Foam, and was used originally to insulate cold rooms, freezers, and coolers. There were many product developments over the years, and today, SPF has become the best insulation product on the market. SPF insulation is widely used in commercial applications, but is equally suitable in residential attics, roofs, basements, and garages. These are areas of the home that require maximum sealing and insulating, and in short, nothing can do that job better than the SPF.

In terms of application, SPF requires skill, experience, and expertise. These are compounds that need special handling, along with a worksite that needs special preparation. The application equipment also requires a degree of proficiency, and the installation could pose challenges. Professional contractors have the expertise to spray the foam compounds from the special nozzle system, and allow the material to spread, expand and harden. They have the skill to create a perfect “envelope” that completely seals and insulates the space.

SPF insulation has become a favorite for professional installers primarily because it blocks air and moisture so effectively. The final application blocks airflow so well, that there is practically no air leakage. In addition, there’s no need for a freestanding vapor barrier. Simply put, SPF is an impermeable envelope that acts as an air barrier, vapor barrier, and thermal insulation all in one. And in residential home applications, this is an insulation project that can deliver excellent results, while being very cost-effective over the long term.

Spray Polyurethane Foam will benefit a building structure, regardless of size or shape. The building’s overall energy efficiency will be enhanced. The HVAC system (heating/cooling) will operate more efficiently. And energy usage will be substantially reduced. Bottom line, seasonal energy savings, in both residential and commercial applications, will be considerable. In fact, for an average homeowner, the annual dollar savings on natural gas and/or electricity can potentially offset the initial investment of the project as whole.

For homeowners thinking about spray foam insulation in Haldimand County, there is no alternative to doing it right the first time around. With spray foam, professional oversight is highly recommended. Professionals install the right way:  they follow building codes; they observe by-laws; and they won’t take shortcuts. Most importantly, they install according to manufacturer specs in order to ensure peak product performance. A professional approach will assure the best possible outcome for the project, both short term and long term.

With a professional contractor, homeowners can be assured of quality work. At Great Northern Insulation, for instance, there’s a guarantee on product and installation. GNI teams are highly specialized with spray foam. They are trained, certified, and licensed. They prepare the job site properly. And they make sure to safeguard the building occupants. For GNI, every install is planned and expedited to guarantee customer satisfaction. GNI only installs top-quality insulation products and provides the highest standard of work.

Spray Polyurethane Foam requires expert supervision. The foam compounds need special attention; the tools and equipment need skill; and there may be a need for project troubleshooting. SPF is not the right job for the DIY enthusiast. As a do-it-yourself project, it could present dangers and risks that are well beyond the capability of the average homeowner. And in a worst-case situation, a poorly executed installation could well require a complete redo - removal, repair, and reinstallation that could be stressful and expensive.

Without doubt, SPF has become a highly recommended insulation product. It is being routinely installed in a wide range of residential and commercial buildings, including new construction, renovations, and retrofits. In virtually every application, the results with SPF are impressive.  And for homeowners, SPF installed in the roof, attic, or basement will deliver results far beyond any of the other insulation products on the market.

Notably, SPF is a premium product. And as a high-value installation, it may not suit all project budgets. However, in the majority of projects, the long-term paybacks are impressive. An SPF installation could last a lifetime, without the need to replace or replenish any portion. As for project cost, the payback period is quite reasonable at between 2 and 7 years. It’s a payback that makes the initial investment very cost-worthy.

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