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Spray Foam Insulation in Chatham-Kent

When it comes to spray foam insulation, a common question from homeowners and building contractors is whether spray foam is necessary for a particular job.  We believe in spray foam insulation, and we think it’s the best product on the market.  It’s ideal if heating/cooling costs are unusually high, if heat/cool cycles are not balanced, if the HVAC system is not performing, or if the indoors are particularly drafty.  Industry professionals agree – they regard spray foam (polyurethane foam) as the best approach in creating indoor energy-efficiency.

Quite simply, spray foam insulation is just a better performing product.  The foam seals better, delivers a better R-value per inch, and even adds structural strength where it’s applied.  For GNI, there is no product that does a better job, and we readily recommend spray foam for a wide range of applications.  Indeed, with its very high R-value rating (compared to any of the other products), spray foam insulation holds a competitive edge over other insulation products or combination of products.

If you are currently shopping for spray foam insulation in Chatham-Kent, or in the neighboring communities that surround, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  We are leaders in the insulation industry, and our installation process is straightforward:  we seal everything tight and make sure that everything is ventilated right.  For us, sealing tight, without ventilating, is a half job, and we want to do the full job, which includes sealing for air seepage and ventilating for thorough air circulation.

At GNI, we recommend spray foam insulation because the product delivers so much in terms of attributes.  It contributes to energy efficiency throughout a dwelling, and energy efficiency translates into energy savings.  It improves the air quality because air circulation is enhanced, and it delivers a comfortable indoor environment because the HVAC equipment operates in a more balanced way.  Finally, because spray foam does not allow for water absorption, mould and mildew are prevented from growing.

Spray foam applications are safe and clean.  Our installers use equipment designed for the task, and spray out the foam in a liquid form.  The coating quickly expands and hardens into a dense layer of insulation that is impenetrable.  The foam covers an entire area completely, and seals all of the holes, cracks, and crevices.  Spray foam insulation eradicates the need for a separate vapor barrier – this is because the final application blocks the movement of moisture, and acts as a vapor barrier itself – clearly an ideal solution for attic, walls, floor or ceiling.   

An installation by Great Northern Insulation is beyond compare in the industry.  Our teams are comprised of skilled professionals with years of experience and expertise installing spray foam. GNI installers always observe building standards, adhere to construction codes and by-laws, and follow the product specs that are defined by the manufacturer.  We stand behind the products that we sell and install, and provide each customer with the manufacturer’s warranty on product, and our own guaranty on work performed.

Our people like to do it right the first time, and they apply this approach to every project.  We make certain to understand the challenges of a project - we recommend the insulation product that best suits the project - and we install everything with care.  And because our people are experts in their field, we know that a do-it-yourself approach to spray foam insulation is not a good plan.  This kind of work is best left to a professional who has the expertise with both the product and the process.

Spray foam insulation has a history.  It was introduced in the 1960s, primarily for industrial usage, and was an effective insulator for freezers and coolers.  Today, it has become a product of choice for such areas as garages, attics, roofs, and the like.  When spray foam is applied in a professional manner, no gaps, holes or cracks remain uncovered.  As a result, there isn’t any opportunity for air to escape.  An expert application will cover and insulate even the hardest to reach corners and angles - spaces that the other insulation products can’t manage to cover.

Great Northern Insulation recommends the spray foam product for new construction, reno jobs, and retrofits.  But at the same time, we advocate for proper installation - no product will perform to its full potential unless properly installed or applied.  That’s why our installers are well trained, licensed and certified.  They know how to properly prepare a given work area, they know how to protect themselves onsite, and they make every effort to safeguard the occupants during an install.

The use of spray foam insulation has been growing by almost 40% every year.  This clearly reflects how popular the product has become, and its success in the market.  After all, when heat and cool expenses are reduced by up to 50% throughout the year, this is a product that can perform.  The truth is, spray foam delivers outstanding benefits - air and moisture movement is restricted, R-values are at the highest levels, and even sound is dampened.  And when its time to sell a home, the home insulated with spray foam often has a higher resale price.

Regarding cost, spray foam insulation is more costly when compared to the other insulation products.  But bottom line, we get what we pay for.  Spray foam is a premium product.  It will last forever, and does not need to be replaced or replenished.  It has a respectable “pay-back” period of between 2 and 7 years, and delivers energy savings throughout the year that make the initial upfront cost worthwhile.  After installation is complete, moisture levels are under control, indoor air circulation is fully optimized, and condensation is minimized.

If you are currently shopping for spray foam insulation in Chatham-Kent, or in the neighboring communities that surround, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering.  We specialize in spray foam insulation - we have the experience with product and installation that makes us the experts – and everything we sell and install is warrantied.

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