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Spray Foam Insulation in Amherstburg

Spray Polyurethane Foam, sometimes referred to as SPF, continues to gain credible popularity throughout the country.  For the consumer, the benefits are excellent. And for the professionals, it’s simply a product that delivers superb performance.  When SPF is compared with other insulation products, nothing compares with the benefits or results.  For homeowners shopping for spray foam insulation in Amherstburg, Great Northern Insulation is the company that can offer a professional approach, regardless of the project size.

For spray foam insulation in Amherstburg, residential homeowners can count on GNI. Installation teams are highly experienced with the products, and known for professional, top-quality installations. When the project is complete, no other product or product combination can compare with the results. This is why insulation professionals across Canada regard spray foam as the “product-of-choice” - and its being widely used with very effective outcomes in a variety of indoor spaces like the attic, roof, basement and garage.

SPF insulation is routinely recommended by many industry professionals: builders, construction managers, and renovation contractors. It has gained popularity in virtually every sector of construction – from new builds, to retrofits, to renovations. And it has become a favorite at GNI. Both product and installation have proven effective, with excellent results wherever applied. Best of all, a spray foam application can do more in a single application than any comparable insulation product (or combination of products).

SPF insulation is favored by a host of professionals, mainly because it’s multi-purpose. It does a far better sealing job than other products. It provides the highest R-Value on the market. And it provides substantial structural integrity where installed. SPF is ideal for large expanses like the roof, attic, and equally ideal inside the walls.  With a good installation, a space can be completely and thoroughly blanketed, and much better than other insulating applications – in fact, every gap and hole, crack and crevice will be fully sealed.

For homeowners seriously thinking about spray foam insulation in Amherstburg, the initial cost investment is well worthwhile. First of all, spray foam creates R-Value that is higher than other applications. This allows for maximized energy efficiency in the home. A good application can also provide a combination air and vapor barrier, which is crucial in preventing air movement and moisture accumulation. Finally, when proper ventilation is installed, the application allows HVAC equipment (heating and cooling) to perform at its peak.

For the team at GNI, a professional approach to installation is implied. Installation teams handle spray foam compounds safely, using very specialized equipment throughout the application process.  It’s an application that necessitates experience and expertise. During application, the foam compounds are mixed and sprayed into a cavity, expanding and hardening into a thick insulation blanket. GNI installers spray with precision, ensuring uniformity of volume and density so that the final product performs as advertised.

Today, many homeowners are insulating in order to resolve energy efficiency issues - like extra high heating and cooling costs; uneven heating and cooling cycles; and poorly operating HVAC equipment.  With Spray Polyurethane Foam, these issues can be effectively mitigated. And where challenges emerge during a spray foam install, GNI experts can easily manage and resolve the challenges. For GNI, there’s no substitute for the professional approach – an expert installation will always ensure the optimum in product performance.

Needless to say, a good spray foam installation relies heavily on a good installer. At GNI, installers are industry certified and likewise licensed. They know how to safely prepare a work site. They use safety gear appropriately. And they assure that the working environment is sage for both residents and occupants. GNI aims for the highest level of workmanship on every job, with a guarantee that products will perform as promised. More importantly, GNI aims to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, regardless of project size.

For residential customers shopping for spray foam insulation in Amherstburg, Great Northern Insulation can provide both product and installation. GNI installers don’t take shortcuts. Installations are in accordance with manufacturer specifications.  And on every job, the building code is followed.  GNI offers a warranty on installed insulation products, and a guarantee on the workmanship.  And whatever the scope of the job, the customer commitment remains constant - to make sure that the homeowner is 100% satisfied.

Great Northern Insulation recommends spray foam for many customers, but at the same time discourages customers from undertaking a DIY approach. For the inexperienced, the project is risk-filled. And quite often, there’s a need to call an expert to the rescue.  This is work that requires special expertise with product and application: the equipment needs proficiency; the compounds need special care and handling; and the application requires experience. This is a project that is best handled by professionals with know-how. 

All things considered, SPF insulation can be a costly undertaking. This is a first-rate product that may not suit every homeowner’s budget. However, SPF insulation is considered a very good investment, with short-term benefits, and payback that will outweigh the original project investment. Professionally installed, spray foam lasts a lifetime.  After installation, there’s never a need for replenishment or replacement.  In terms of value, the investment can be “paid down” between 2 and 7 years, based on the annual savings on utilities.

For the most part, Spray Polyurethane Foam makes good economic sense for homeowners. For customers thinking about spray foam insulation in Amherstburg, Great Northern Insulation can provide both product and installation. GNI has over 35 years of business experience, and a sound reputation as Canada's largest contractor. For GNI, the approach is straightforward – to supply and install the best quality products and to ensure the best quality workmanship. It all makes for a project that is done right the first time.

GNI believes in a professional approach to every insulation. After all, home insulation is a major project that comes with a commitment to a substantial budget. It should really be managed professionally from end to end, and for the team at GNI, there is no other way.

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